Pretty in Pink- Brittany Pigorini of Birch & Brass Vintage Rentals

It’s Friday!  Friday is my favorite day, and to celebrate that, we have the gorgeous and talented Brittany Pigorini of Birch & Brass Vintage Rentals.

Brittany is a newcomer to Austin, but taking the city by storm.  She hails from CA, and brings that laid back, but stylish vibe to everything she does.  These days, that is founding and running her new event rentals and styling company.

To say she is talented is an understatement.  In a short period of time, she has amassed a collection of BEAUTIFUL items, and is styling up a storm.

Have you seen her recent feature in Bungalow Magazine?

B&B table

Image by Bill Sallans

I think the biggest part of her success is not necessarily her inventory, though it is insanely kickass; I think it’s her.

When you meet her, you very quickly realize that past that gorgeous exterior (and yes, she is freakishly pretty), is a really nice, genuine, and sweet person.  She is very creative and responsible, and organized. She’s thoughtful and kind, and over the past year, I’ve been lucky to call her a friend.

If you live in Austin, you should definitely be working with Brittany now.  I’ve been delighted to watch her business grow exponentially, and I’m definitely expecting huge things from her in the future.

I’m so happy she can share her experiences with us today, as well as her favorite pink items from her vast inventory.


Pretty in Pink Birch & Brass

Birch & Brass

Brittany, you are awesome! Thanks for spending time with us, and we are long overdue for Happy Hour!



Week 4 of the One Room Challenge- Palm Springs meets Marfa

Hello interweb friends!

How are you? Welcome back to the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home, a super fun, and yet crazy endeavor to re-do a space in 6 weeks.

As we can still enjoy temps in the 80’s here in TX, naturally, I decided to make over another outdoor space, my rooftop decks.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, did you per chance catch my street’s feature on Camille Styles yesterday? My rad neighbors and I threw a kickass progressive party, in which we traveled from one house to the next for each dinner course. We got pretty buzzed at the end, as you can see, since it ended with karaoke!!

If you haven’t yet, please check it out! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Here’s a shot of me serving the olive oil with candied blood orange cake I made for dessert!


image from Jess Attie

Okay, back to the lecture at hand… (shout out to Snoop!)

So this week was a mixed bag. I did get some stuff done…

I semi- assembled (Macgyvered) a cable system that will serve as the scaffolding for my mosquito net canopy.



My military cots arrived, and no, we’re not running the M.A.S.H. hospital.


They are badass. And comfy.

Is it weird that they don’t match? Buying vintage is hard. #firstworldproblems

Oh and speaking of hashtags, [insert yours here]



Gonna make a sweet party sign at night.


Hmm…what else did I buy?

Oh yeah…a lot of this.  Artificial boxwood.


I’m insane. I decided to go with somewhat of a palm springs vibe. Palm Springs meets Marfa?

Stay tuned to see what I do with that.

And so naturally, I needed some classic black & white striped stuff. So I picked up a couple of pillows at Ikea.


I also bought many of these delightful planters and small plants because what rooftop garden is complete without some greenery? (that I will surely kill 2 weeks later)


Cons this week:
-The mosquito netting is still kicking my ass, and I may fail miserably.

Con next week:
-I have to go out of town this weekend, so little progress will be made.

We shall see…

Now go check this awesomeness out!




Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop and Q&A with Trilby Nelson

Happy Wednesday! It’s humpday and one day closer to the weekend.
Today, we are chatting with Trilby Nelson, an amazingly talented fiber artist in Austin.
Did you attend Blogshop Austin?
Whether you did or not, you did see her amazing wall hanging all over instagram.
And by some fine twist of fate, I am the very fortunate owner of that beautiful wall hanging and it holds court in the front of my home.
Trilby has hosted wall hanging workshops in Austin, which I have luckily been able to attend, and it was phenomenal. Despite being so talented, she is so sweet and approachable.
How lucky for us Austinites that she will be teaching another workshop, and not only that, it is a Macrame Planter Hanger Workshop!!!!!!  Not only can you macrame a plant hanger, you will ALSO make a beautiful succulent arrangement.  I cannot think of anything more fun to do on a weekend. This is a great girl time activity!
Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset
For fun, Trilby indulged me in a short Q& A session….
Name: Trilby Nelson
Occupation: Display Coordinator for Anthropologie and freelance designer.
1.  What is the origin of your name? 
It’s from a book named “Trilby”. Also, Trilby is the name of a men’s hat in England!
2.  Where are you originally from?
Born in Los Angeles. Grew up in Fairfield, Iowa.
3.  What is your favorite place you’ve lived?
Thats a hard one. I’ve liked each place for different reasons. Iowa for living out in the country and family and old friends. LA for the mountains, desert, ocean, and city all at your finger tips. Portland for the food. Austin for the swimming holes.
4.  What brought you to Austin?
My boyfriend and I wanted to try a new city. We were tired of the rain in Portland at the time and so sunny and hot Austin sounded like a good fit.
5.  Did you always want to be an artist? 
Yes, in some way or another.
6.  How did you get into weaving as a medium?
I’ve always loved textiles and have used fiber in my work for a while. But, it wasn’t until a few summers ago that I was making macrame displays for Free People that I really started making large scale fiber pieces.
7.  What is your favorite project you’ve ever completed?
It’s not quite complete yet, but my sister Hilary and I have been working on a project that we’ll be introducing in the next couple of weeks.
8.  What/who inspires you the most?
All the creative people that surround me.
9.  What is the hardest thing about your job?
As a display coordinator there’s a lot on your plate, so I guess balancing the prep that goes into a project while keeping the big picture and a creative perspective in mind.
10.  You have friends coming to Austin, where do you take them to eat?
Well, even though I’m a vegetarian, I would have to say Smitty’s BBQ in Lockhart. Going there feels like you’ve stepped back in time.
11.  If a friend had to describe you with a single adjective, what do you hope it would be?
I would hope there’d be more than one adjective.
Ha!  I had fun reading her responses.  #11 made me laugh out loud!
Now for the deets…
Brooke Howsley and Trilby Nelson are teaching a Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop!!
Learn how to macrame your own plant hanger and AND how to make a beautiful potted succulent arrangement.
Co-taught by floral designer Brooke Howsley of Pollen Floral and fiber artist Trilby Nelson.
Nov 1, 12-3pm.
Pollen Floral Art. Austin, TX. 
$150 (All materials included)
Visit for details and to sign up.
Go sign up now people!! Indulge those creative fibers (pun intended).
Thank you so much Trilby!!

Pretty in Pink- Deeyn Rhodes of Nannie Inez

Well, we are one day closer to Friday.  Happy Tuesday!

Today, I have one of my favorite ladies for today’s Pretty in Pink guest- Deeyn Rhodes of Nannie Inez.

Now, Deeyn is one freaking cool lady. She is one of the classiest gals I know, and she just exudes sophistication.  Moving here from NYC, she is now the owner and purveyor of the coolest design & home decor shop in Austin- Nannie Inez.  She is frequently traveling the world, finding original and exceptional things to bring back to us.

Her store is such a gem, and should definitely be on your list of places to hit if you’re visiting, or if you’re doing birthday/ anniversary/ holiday shopping (hint hint Justin).

But cool things alone do not a shop make.

Deeyn makes the shop.

Aside from having beautiful things in her shop, Deeyn makes an effort to connect to her community.  She frequently invites other makers to come in and host workshops.  I myself have done a perfume workshop at the shop and it was delightful.

On a personal note, she is really special.  You know when you meet someone and they immediately put you at complete ease, so much so, that you feel comfortable talking freely and completely?  She has that quality.  And what an amazing quality to have.  Upon meeting her, I was so impressed by her style and sophistication, but even more impressed by her warmth and ability to connect.  She is so easy to talk to, and while I rarely tell people of my far-fetched long-term dreams, I have shared these with Deeyn.

Another (and yes there are many) of the exceptional things I have noticed about Deeyn is the care and time she takes with people.  While I am guilty of writing quick and truncated emails, often without greeting or salutation, she writes thoughtful and invested emails.

It’s no coincidence why people love her, and I’m no exception.

Thanks my beautiful friend for spending time with us, and for sharing some of your favorite items in the shop.


Pretty in Pink Nannie Inez_edited-2

Nannie Inez


Thanks again Deeyn for sharing your dad’s story with us, and for tuning us in to what’s hot in pink in your shop.