Pretty in Pink- Christine Dovey

Hello hello!  Today is super duper special.  Yes, it’s Halloween, but instead of tricks, I have three 3 treats- Treat or Treat or Treat.

First up is the  exceptional, none other than Wonder Woman herself, Christine Dovey.

Christine is just pure wow.

She is busy.  I mean so busy, I get tired just reading all the amazing things she does, and I don’t mean just work wise.

I mean yes, she does the impossible and continually churns out these super amazing, knock your socks off projects, but she also does TV projects..

she is published ad nauseaum…

CD works


… flies across the Atlantic to be recognized for her awesomeness as a TOP 5 International Blogger

All whilst being an extraordinary mom to 4 awesome kids… including her oldest, whom she adopted at age 14.

The list goes on and on…

I’m sure most everyone can attest to this… despite her fame and success, she has the ability to make you feel like you’re the only person that matters in the world.

My best example of this is during the One Room Challenge.  Of all the participants, in the main group of 20, or the linkers alike, she is one of the very few who takes the time to read and comment on almost every single person’s post.

I want you to stop and think about that. That is amazing…especially from someone that busy!  Do you do that?  And they’re not short, frivolous comments either.  They also affirm that she read the entire post, and didn’t just skip through the pictures.  That is a true show of generosity, camaraderie, and just downright kindness.

She is amazing, and I’m a huge huge fan.



Pretty in Pink Christine Dovey

CD 2

Ummm…yes…ah- MAZING.  Just so much beauty in one room….gah.


Thank you Christine, for somehow finding the time to participate in this, and share so much of yourself with us.

You are superwoman.


Stay tuned for our next Pretty in Pink guest, later today!




One Room Challenge Week 5- What the what?

Week 5??? What the what?

I’m excited, because I can’t wait to see everyone’s reveals next week, but I’m sad because I really really love the One Room Challenge time of year.  It makes Wednesdays and Thursdays so much more enjoyable, and I’ve made so many awesome new friends.  There are talented people out there on the interwebs!

So thank you Linda of Calling it Home, I tip my metaphorical hat to you for creating something so awesomely rad.

Well, we are nearing the end, and luckily I do have some good news to share.

But first the bad.

I ordered a badass rug from Serena & Lily, on sale, only to find out it is not available.  It was listed in error on the website.  How annoying.  So I have no rug.

Okay, now the good.

So that wasn’t that much bad.


1.  The artificial boxwood is in place and it looks fab.  AND best of all, I can’t kill this green.  It adds so much warmth and character to the deck.


2.  Gold has made it onto the deck.


3.  The canopy works.


4.  The cots are comfy and I love lying on one and staring into the sky.  (Deep thoughts) Since so many of you said you don’t mind the mismatch, it shall be so!

military cots


5.  I planted a large cactus and it is cool.  So Marfa chic.  You know what’s not easy?  Planting a giant cactus by yourself.  Pas facile, mes amis.


Oh wait, I lied. More bad.

My interweb soulmate Erin of Holtwood Hipster brought this up, and I thought it was a great question- How do you dress while ORCing?

I look terrible.

That there is scrub pants, and my intramural basketball jersey from middle school- 1995.  Holla!

I cropped out my face. #obvi


Would love to see how you guys dress!

Okay, back to the good.

One more-

I have lots of cute little plants, like so.



Now go check out all the other awesome linking participants!!



Pretty in Pink- Erin Williamson of Design Crisis

Well, it’s Wednesday. I typically hate Wednesdays but today I’m ecstatic!

Today, our Pretty in Pink guest is none other than the brash, beautiful, and freaking hysterical Erin Williamson of Design Crisis. I could go on and on about Erin.

First of all, I would like to explain how we met.

While I was still living in Portland, like the freak that all Craiglisters are, I was looking for furniture on CL for my new house in Austin, a completely different city.

I found the SINGLE best picture I’d ever seen on Craigslist- of the most perfect table, styled the most perfect way….perfect, perfect, perfect.


Umm…yes, of course I want to buy that table and chairs.

But hark! They looked familiar to me. You see, I was already an avid reader of Design Crisis- the single best design blog in the blogosphere.

Creepily, like a true CL stalker, I asked if she was Erin of Design Crisis.

Ha! And like that- we became friends. And I’ve become the proud new mom of that table and chairs- the single most complimented item in my house, ever since.

Erin is a rare specimen.

She is really and truly funny. This is evident on her blog by her fantastic writing, but it is also true in real life. She writes the best blog post titles, hands down.


title 3

They are weird, but that’s why they are amazing. And she has a really excellent vocabulary.

She is freaking talented. All the time, I am seeing her stuff float around on Pinterest and IG on accounts listing it as “dream space “… “for future home”…”perfect”. Yes, obviously, because it’s all amazing.

Did you see her home feature in Bungalow mag?



Not only does she design, but she also photographs like a dream. (well yes her, but I meant she does photography amazingly well)

And to top it all off, she is super mom, and birthed 2 perfect little boys. (and 2 weeks after delivery, she was somehow back to a size 0)

Erin is truly a joy to be around and I’m happy to call her a friend.

Pretty in Pink Erin Williamson Design Crisis

EW images_edited-1



Now pick your jaw back up.

You are the best Erin! Thanks for spending time on my little blog.  You’re my favorite blogger of all time.



Pretty in Pink- Jenni D. of Story of My Life

It’s Tuesday. Yes! That means it’s one day closer to Friday. Notice a pattern here?

Well, today, we have an awesome guest- the very lovely Jenni of Story of My Life.

I have always loved reading her blog, because in addition to the fact that she is stunningly beautiful, and takes excellent pictures, the writing of the blog is excellent. How many times can you say that?

It is honest, and identifiable. It is poignant, and humorous, and real.

I read her blog long before we met, but luckily for me, Jenni and I became friends almost 3 years ago, right before I moved back to Austin. Since then, my husband and I have become good friends with Jenni and her equally wonderful husband, and we have regaled ourselves a night or two over drinks and Taboo.

Jenni is a really sensitive and artistic soul, and over the last year, I love that I’ve been able to witness her transition into a talented and dedicated photographer. She started her own business, J Noel Photography, and I’ve been blown away by her growth and talent. She makes people feel at ease and at their prettiest.

How awesome photography is!

You are documenting someone or something or some very important occasion and hoping to perfectly capture that moment because it will never come again.

No pressure.


Anyways, I’m so happy Jenni is sharing her thoughts and experiences today…


Pretty in Pink Jenni D



Thanks J!! You rock.