Week 4- Primary Suite planning

Thanks for all your feedback regarding our main floor….we are getting so close!! Below is the newest CAD floor plan. We still have to figure out the deck and the sliders that lead to the deck, as well as new windows above the sliders, but you can see how the floor plan has evolved. Note- there are no more stairs or entry into the kitchen. The main entry of the house is now downstairs.

We decided to add another door at the bottom of the stairs leading to the third floor. The third floor is the primary suite- a bedroom, bathroom, and closet of some sort. There is no room to add a door at the top of the stairs due to the beam that runs atop.

Here is the floor plan so you can get a sense of what it looks like 2D. So much wasted space.

When you look straight ahead after getting to the 3rd floor, this is your view towards the bedroom.

Not so inviting. The other problem is that a bed cannot be centered under the ridge beam and it looks off on the wall.

Back to the bathroom, when you make a sharp turn into the bathroom, this is your view.

The toilet is actually to the right of the vanity, right in the middle of the bathroom. I hate seeing a toilet in the immediate sight line.

I wanted to open up the initial entry sequence into the bedroom, create some closet space, and re-work the bathroom floor plan. The roof line and beams complicate things.

Here is one concept:

We will definitely open up the walkway to the bedroom by taking out the far wall, and then filling in the current doorway so the bed can be centered.

Pros- I made the bathroom much smaller, but more functional in a small footprint, so that we could also have a closet.

The bathroom would be set up with side by side shower and toilet stalls. Reeded glass steel doors would be dreamy. The vanity would be recessed into a newly created recess.

Cons- I have to move the toilet. The doors would be insanely expensive and wouldn’t look as good as I imagine because the shower would need a curb. But the toilet room wouldn’t, so it wouldn’t look perfect.

I still love this concept, and in the right space would be amazing, but this upper floor bath isn’t it. Also, I’d want a larger shower.

Here is concept 2:

In this concept, the toilet is hidden behind a screening wall. And the vanity sits between the toilet screening wall, and the shower wall. I love the half wall concept, with glass elsewhere. A door is probably good in the colder Tahoe climate. This is a definite possibility. The yellow wall is a wall with hidden doors using concealed hinges and some kind of shiplap vs. vertical wood panels.

Pros- we aren’t moving much plumbing. It is spacious and makes sense.

Cons- no private WC and the irregularly shaped closet doesn’t actually yield much hanging space.

With doors at the bottom of the stairs, this floor is private, so we’d remove the door to the bathroom, replacing with an arch, centered on one of the vanity sinks. The toilet moves into the current closet. We shift some walls to make a larger walk in closet.

We keep a large shower, large vanity, private WC, and larger closet.

Lastly, we will recess some drawers into the side walls of the bedroom to take advantage of the space under the roof. This is a great example from Flower Architecture as seen in Dwell.

Living area of Nut House by FLOWER.

We also need to close off the walls on either side of the bed area because we don’t want the lack of privacy that comes from a lofted bedroom.

We’d like to move the central beam in the sight line of the bed, using a header to carry the load, and then put a picture window in the middle. A curtain could be drawn for privacy.

Either side would be drywalled. We may put a desk on the right wall.

So we are getting closer… as always, would love your feedback and suggestions!! How important is a separate WC? How big of a closet is necessary?

You guys have been amazing.



2 thoughts on “Week 4- Primary Suite planning

  1. Hi! This is fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Would you ever consider doing a built-in wardrobe wall on the side where you mentioned the possibility of a desk? Like the entire run of the wall. I think it could be really pretty! Then maybe you could turn the new closet into a dressing room? Then could the old closet become the washroom? Then you could make your primary bath even bigger?

  2. Option #3 is perfect. The bathroom is so roomy. The closet is big enough in my opinion (although some people expect 100+ sq ft). A toilet room is critical to me haha it’s necessary for my marriage. I love that marble-looking shower inspo pic on option 2

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