One Room Challenge- Week 3…PROGRESS!!

Welcome welcome back to the One Room Challenge, in which one must make over a room in 6 weeks!

Well, I am happy to say that despite some shenanigans, I did make some progress on my One Room Challenge room- my rooftop decks!

Shenanigans first…

As if I didn’t have enough to do, I decided to wallpaper a wall in my study.

Sorry for the crappy lighting in these pics.


Oh and this?


No, someone didn’t break into our house and steal our doors and drawer fronts… I decided it was a great time to have our kitchen cabinetry repainted.

I’m insane.

Now onto the progress!

First up, I painted the Acapulco Chairs.  They are so much better sans rust.


I also researched and built these self- watering planters.

planter 1

1.  Get planter.

2.  Insert plastic saucer dish that has a smaller diameter than planter in step 1.  This will create a reservoir for water below.

3. Get little t-shirt strips.  These will act as wicks that bring water up from the water reservoir to the soil level.

4.  Poke holes in plastic saucer dish.

planter 2

5.  After you poke your holes, thread the t-shirt wicks through, as well as some flexible tubing.  This will be the channel through which you can fill the reservoir.

6.  This is an aerial view of the wicks and tubing with water below.

7. Fill halfway with soil, and bring the wicks to the middle of the soil.

8.  Top with soil and admire your planter!

And that’s not all folks!

I also did some shopping…

Whereas I had grandiose plans of building an outdoor sectional, 2 thoughts occurred to me.

1.  I need something less permanent that I can bring on and off the deck easily.

2.  I don’t really have the time!!

So onto Plan B…

Umm… genius festival! Military cots!

These can be tres chic if done correctly, and they are super duper portable.  So we can use these when we camp with our trailer as well!

Here are some good examples of military cots (images from Honestly WTF):

military cotmilitary cot 3

And so, I picked up 2 of those babies off eBay this week!

And then, for the bar…I picked this little gem off craigslist.


When she suggested we drive to her “storage unit” to get the bar, I was slightly alarmed… but all’s well that ends well.  I did text the address and my whereabouts to a friend just in case. I’ve seen too many made-for-TV movies about craigslist killers and so on.

But I’m still alive.

Woo hoo!!

This weekend, I will (hopefully) install my mosquito netting fiasco.

Wish me luck!

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44 thoughts on “One Room Challenge- Week 3…PROGRESS!!

  1. The cot idea! Yes, ’tis genius friend. It’s funny how the ORC inspires other projects around the house. Ours is a shit storm at the moment. It’s a sickness I tell you… Can’t wait to see what you are going to do with the netting…

  2. glad you survived the “meet me at my storage unit” scene. chairs…, so much better. planter….genius. military cots…..oh my word, i am doing this. love it all, i would like to come live here when you are done. thanks.

  3. Amazing! I think I would have shown how I cleaned my kitchen from last week and that would have been the extent of my DIY. Crazy impressed with all that you did. And that wallpaper – can we talk about that wallpaper? Amazing. Love the cots idea – genius. Great bar too. It’s all coming together.

  4. I’m sort of largely obsessed with the black chairs and military cot idea. Genius. And don’t get me started on the wallpaper…probably my favourite paper I’ve seen in quite some time.
    Also, you’re a glutton for punishment much like myself so I’m cyber high fiving you for tackling wallpaper in another room and kitchen cupboard painting all while doing the roof deck:)

  5. When your rooftop deck is done I’m coming to Austin and sleeping on your army cot. I probably won’t even ask permission, but one morning you’ll find me passed out on your cot with beer bottles scattered about!

  6. I just noticed that those chairs have built in cup holders… I think I’m sensing a recurring theme here 🙂 Seriously though, this is shaping up to be a very cool space. Love that it’s not going to be a cookie cutter outdoor area and instead will reflect your very awesome personal style.

  7. The chairs look great…I just love those! How perfect is the bar!?! Can’t wait to see it all come together. Oh and glad the Craigslist pick-up went down without any funny business 🙂

  8. Those chairs are amazing and military cots – honestly, wtf? 🙂 What a great idea. I had an outdoor sectional built a couple of years ago and what a pain it is to carry that thing into the garage every year. So, this idea is perfect. And I’m glad you are still alive! (because I want to see this all finished!)

  9. I am loving those chairs, Celine! And that army cot, soo creative! Thanks for the tips on the planters, i’ll have to give it a try! Can’t wait to see it all come together 🙂

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