Airstream Renovation- The Before


Hello blog friends,


Sorry I abandoned you for so long. Summer is busy! We spent 2 weeks in Iceland and it was pretty spectacular. We spent alot of time looking at ugly places like this.




We camped for the 2 weeks, in this KuKu Camper Van.


It is a tiny Euro van, with a little kitchenette, and it was rad. Growing up in the city, I didn’t think I would love camping as much as I did. But I LOVED it.

When we got back, I became obsessed with the idea of getting a camper. And I dedicated innumerable internet hours to the cause.

I obviously started with the king of all trailers, the Airstream.



They are gorgeous, and amazingly, they gain value with time. Unfortunately for me, they are already too valuable ($$) to purchase.

So we kept looking.

Airstream also makes Argosy’s. Rather than the shiny aluminum finish, they have a painted exterior. They are lighter than typical airstreams, and have larger panoramic windows.

After an exhaustive search, I found my Argosy.

Her name is Josie.




There’s alot to be desired, but the bones are there. And check the awning!

I envision lots of fun camping trips, and maybe some tailgating during football season. (It’s already reppin’ the burnt orange)

I have big big plans, and I will describe the process here. I’ll have lots of questions, and will be asking for design advice, so I hope you’ll stay tuned!



8 thoughts on “Airstream Renovation- The Before

  1. Josietheargosy is going to be bad ass! She already is. How much fun you will have with her. I can’t believe you camped out for two weeks in your little Eurovan. You guys are too cool. Iceland looks amazing. #bucketlist

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