Lake Tahoe Kitchen

We left off at the floor planning for the main level. The kitchen is small, entered directly from the existing entry, and fairly closed from the main living room.

Current view into kitchen from living room
View down the galley kitchen

Here is the current floorplan:

My process is generally to write down everything I need to find a place for, and then make sure my floor plan accommodates this. We are stealing the space from the current entry to make the kitchen larger, have W/D space, pantry space. We need to accommodate a water heater. The washer/ dryer would be a stackable unit, hidden behind doors. This is an existing hook-up site.

Here is one option I’ve come up with. We would keep the sink and range in the same place. We remove the island in the middle, take down the wall on the left side, and make this a peninsula area.

One question- do we need bar seating here? The large blue oval represents the dining table which has a great view of the lake. Better to eat here?

View from Dining area

This is the cabinet plan.

And here are some representative sections. You have to use your imagination LOL.

Option 2 removes walls and the current island, filling it with a larger island. The current entry door becomes a large floor to ceiling window. I’d move W/D to other side of kitchen, actually behind a new wall, in a back area closer to stairwell. It’d be nice not to have to cross the entire house to do laundry. I would have to re-locate stove and sink as well. I’d also probably close the window behind the current sink. BF means beverage fridge, a necessity for us. BC is broom closet. S is sink. C is cooktop. The blue squares represent tall pantry cabinets.

Floor plan 2 with island

I’d want the island to be a monolithic stone like this…no island seating.

I also have contemplated doing no island, and a large dining table in front, like this

I would lose some storage, and then I’m not sure what to do in front of the fireplace…more seating?

Well, that’s where I am today. Which is your favorite and why? Is it worth moving around all the plumbing,etc.?

Have a great week!!

25 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe Kitchen

  1. Whatever you do is amazing, so either option would turn out beautiful. I like option 2 & the stone island. I also think having the W/D and WH separated from the kitchen will make it feel more like a kitchen and less like a studio.

  2. In floorplan 2 can you be standing at oven putting something in comfortably without backing into fridge? Can fridge doors and oven door be open at same time? I had a kitchen like this and it was really annoying to put away groceries in fridge with hot oven behind you or need to be using oven and microwave and fridge at same time.

    I like the idea in 2 of moving W/D and entry door but just my 2¢ on functionality of the back area.

    1. Personally, I like option 2. Agree with the functionality component of someone else’s comment. The stone island. TDF.

  3. I’m partial to Option #2! Love the inspo pics along with it. Functionality and easy access around island feels good IMHO.

    1. No,the new entry will be downstairs. You have to take the stairs up and will enter the living room.

  4. Hi Celine,

    I really like option 2! It feels like a bigger change from original floorpan, the flow looks better to me for some reason.


  5. Floor plan 2. I like the w/d being out of the kitchen. I love the idea of the stone island, but I also love bar seating. So the person in the kitchen isn’t lonely. 🤣

    1. Good point. The space is actually alot smaller than the floorplan, so I’ll still be closer. or maybe I’ll just hide in the kitchen by myself. LOL

  6. Option 2. But I would prefer a table instead of the island and two swivel chairs in front of the fire. It’s nice to have plenty of living space to spread out.

  7. I like the island in #2 and the dining table and sofa/chairs layout. The refrigerator/pantry/oven area looks really cramped. Definitely move the laundry over by that bathroom.

  8. I’m going with option 2 – seems that is the popular choice. I’m for having the separate laundry area for the washer and dryer even if it makes the kitchen smaller. And I especially like the idea of the island. I’m assuming there is nothing on the island even though picture shows a sink?
    I love seeing your posts.

  9. Plan shows refrigerator flush with counter – I’m sure you are planning on counter depth refrigerator so it doesn’t stick out.

  10. I agree with the majority; option #2 for all the reasons previously stated and because even if you don’t end up putting a sink in the island, you have the option to prep food, etc., while facing that gorgeous view of the lake. However, if you put a sink in the island, it’s nice to have some beautiful inspiration while doing the dishes which isn’t the most inspiring of tasks. Thanks for bringing us all along for this cool journey.

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