Teak shower floors

I have a new obsession- teak shower floors.

#theoakhaus will have a Japandi (that word exists!- Japanese + Scandi) aesthetic.  Focus on simple but beautiful materials.

The bathroom is a space that should relax you after a hectic day.  “Spa bathrooms” are supposed to accomplish just this.

When we were in Japan, I became obsessed with the onsen- Japanese bathhouse.  They are usually serene, zen spaces, clad in beautiful wood and stone.



Translating this into modern spaces involves teak!

This can mean super luxe, modern spaces.

I love the combination of the teak walls and that bathtub!


The teak tub deck and black tile walls are amazing together.



I don’t think I could imagine a better ofuro- Japanese soaking tub situation.


The tub/ marble/ teak combination is so luxe and yet warm.

Not exactly sure how we will work this into the master bath design, but you can bet there will be some teak! Consider this a teak peek.  LOL!