New Mexico Road Trip- White Sands New Mexico

White Sands is one of my favorite places in the world.

It is wondrous and spectacular.

white sands 9

white sands sotol

white sands boardwalk

The sand is gypsum, so no matter the temperature outside, the sand remains cool and pleasant on your bare feet.  It is awesome.

The place is so big that you can have a large pocket to yourself.

Which is great for letting your dogs roam free (they love it!!)

white sands 10

or taking 15833049 pictures of yourself.

And now for the pictures…

Justin & I have done a Jump Series all over the world, so naturally we did it here.

white sands 12

The dogs were confused by what we were doing.   white sands 8

But then, they got into it too.

White Sands NM

We tried our hand at sledding…it was pretty fun.  You can get sleds at the main gift shop. People turn them in at the end of the day, so you can buy a discounted used one.

white sands 11

We then decided to take one billion attempts at a family picture.   WS 5 WS 4

white sands 7

They weren’t so into it…

white sands 6

White Sands Chairs

And the place is pretty no matter what time of day, but at sunset…wow!!  WS rest stop 2 white sands rest stop

white sands airstream

I did NOT want to leave, but we headed on towards Roswell…



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