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Kristina’s Korner- Hipster Hair

What a treat!! Kristina’s Korner!! Sheer genius I tell ya..


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I know, so soon since the last post! However, I was struck by inspiration. A certain faculty member in our department has recently been experimenting with various hair styles. While some have suggested a resemblance to a certain dark historical figure whose name rhymes with Playdolf Liftler, believe his inspiration is more of the hipster variety.

Having recently attended the Now, Now – Fun. show at the Roseland, I was surrounded by the most amazing hipsters in Portland for an extremely enjoyable show. Now, Now was good and the band consisted of 2 hipster chicks and one hipster dude drummer. From their website ( you can enjoy their hipster chic – ray bans, men in tighter jeans than I can squeeze, thick rimmed glasses, side bangs covering eyes, and always appearing bored.

The band designed shirts, which are … wait for it … IRONIC. WHAT?! Gigantic surprise, I know:

I will note that no royalties were paid to us for the use of Earl VonCuddler’s likeness on the Meow, Meow shirt. Hurtful.

The headliner, Fun., was, non-ironically, quite fun to watch. Even DY couldn’t help but begrudgingly dance in his chair (despite complaining of how loud it was and lamenting forgetting his ear plugs … old man).

DY invented a new dance recently – The Jellyfish (as above). It’s all the rage at Punjabi weddings. This was obviously a huge hit at the Fun. show as well.

Note there are two presentations of the male hipster here: 1) the traditional skinny pants, ankle showing, toms wearing, jean-jacket sporting hipster, but also 2) the elusive jersey-shore ironic hipster in 1990ish hammer-pants, acid wash, and high tops. Both equally impressive, but definitely tough to pull off the later – I suppose it’s the option for the gentleman with fuller thighs?

In any case, I digress, my point is check out the hair:

I’m no expert on hair, let alone male hair, but doesn’t this resemble:

(incidentally, I also agree with the above statement… he’s a basterd)

And now for the hipster hair google search montage:

And why it will no longer be “hipster cool”, 4 months from now – one word: JONAS.

KY out!!!

Kristina’s Korner – Krap with Kristina Returns

I know you all love her…here she is again- Kristina.

(Would you believe she has a PhD?)

And yes, she is this funny in real life.



So much is happening in the world of celebrity smut! I choose to focus on the forgotten details…
1. Ashley Olsen. You are worth several BILLION dollars, and yet you look angry and/or depressed, you wear very expensive ridiculous clothes

and for whatever reason, you went from looking like a lemur,

to now looking like Kurt Cobain?! Very disturbing.

2. I don’t know if you followed last year’s fantasy football season, but my boy Aaron Rodgers killed it. I LOVE him. Maybe I have his jersey. Maybe it made me super happy to see him in the off season, cheering on teammate Donald Driver in Dancing With the Stars.

Look at how happy he and Clay are off the field.

And for Donald, no matter how he wears his green and yellow,

he does it proud.

The man is a champion.

I need this ring.

KY out!!

Kristina’s Korner- The Master Suite Reveal

It’s been a long time coming!! KY is finally back with her master suite reveal. Enjoy!!


It’s about time I showed you all the “after” of our remodel. Sorry for the delay – we lost our camera battery charger.

Our contractor and designer did an awesome job. Everything finished ON TIME and as we liked. The final touches took until last weekend, but here are the glorious results.

I have quite the account at With their fabric I created a number of items for the room. I sewed the quilt and pillow shams, with a major assist from my mom – the master quilter. The ceiling fan was installed last weekend with help from our friend JS. FYI, evidently it takes 3 doctors to install a light fixture.

My mother-in-law came to visit and helped me to sew the window seat. I later sewed the accent pillows and curtains.

We got awesome furniture from Murphy’s Furniture in Cornelius, OR. And our amazing mattress is the new Sealy iComfort foam mattress like the Tempurpedic, but not as insanely priced. I loathe getting out of bed in the morning.

My sewing room, where I created all the curtains, quilts, pillows, and shams. I love how sunny it is in the afternoons. If you can see it on the picture, the curtain fabric is a taupe damask with “a bird on it”. Very Portland.

Our bathroom is glorious. The best part – HEATED TILE FLOORS. Honestly the greatest investment of all time.

I sewed these curtains last weekend. Darren’s little brother helped us install all the curtain rods.

Dual sinks were a must. Now we can get ready simultaneously!

Our giant shower.

My soaking tub.

Walk in closet, pretty sweet!

Darren and Duke loving the closet too.

The entrance to the bedroom. We have arches downstairs that this mimics.

Coming up the stairs to the master suite. We installed that wall sconce light last weekend.

And so it is done! Now, I plan to sit in my window seat and read in the sun. I’m not sure I have any motivation to leave the bedroom ever again. Telemedicine is a thing, right?

KY out!!

Krap with Kristina (Kristina’s Korner)

Readers!! Another treat today!!! Kristina is back in full effect with such a genius post. I’m sure you will agree that this needs to be a weekly column!!


Celebrity gossip is a particular specialty/love of mine. is my yoga/meditation/happy place for unwinding. At any given time I can tell you trivial details of the lives of people that really don’t matter, but are famous.

Currently here are my most interesting/disturbing finds:

1. Rihanna: EVER associating with Chris Brown (who beat her prior to the 2009 Grammy’s) would be too soon. But you are an idiot and now are reportedly sneaking around hooking up with him again “in secret” and collaborating on a new song.,,20572186,00.html

Luckily you’ve kept it together and don’t look at all insane with your new “Thug Life” finger tattoo and Grammy look.

2. Whitney – very sad. But, I just learned that she supposedly was hooking up with Ray J (aka Brandy’s little brother, aka guy who peed on Kim Kardashian on a sex tape and made her famous). So in a very disturbing 5 degrees of separation way you can get:
a. Whitney Houston – Ray J – Kim Kardashian – Khloe Kardiashian – Lamar Odom
b. Whitney Houston – Ray J – Brandy – Kobe Bryant – Lamar Odom

Note to readers: DON’T GOOGLE IMAGE KIM KARDASHIAN AND RAY J … particularly at work!

3. Finally, what’s with aging female celebrities going insane with trying to “out-hot” one another? Cameron Diaz announced at the Golden Globes after parties that she has best butt of any lady aged 39: . Much like you never challenge a Silician when death is on the line, you NEVER challenge J-Lo to a booty-off – and she’s 42 for the record:

And then, not to be outcrazied, Angelina busts out with the “Hey! Hey! Over here! Check out my leg!” I love this writer ☺

Please ignore her emaciated frame and freakish arms:

See, don’t you feel better already. Let the celebrity smut wash over you. It feels so amazing.

KY out!!!