Can’t leave well enough alone…

Isn’t that the truth?

After last Thursday’s One Room Challenge Reveal, I couldn’t leave well enough alone.


Despite this being a great wall to display my macrame,

macrame wall

I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would be more fun to be looking at the pool, while sitting in the hanging chair.

And so, it had to be. I just needed ONE MORE WINDOW.


So we cleared it ALL out. I know, it really hurt.

And my amazing handyman came over, and made it so…in just a few hours.

And here we are now…


aquahaus-window wall-2

aquahaus-window wall -3

Definitely worth the effort in my opinion.

And the view from outside. I have to paint the trim later this week.

Reminder of the exterior before:

Yay! Progress!

We did get to enjoy it.
pool time

Well, J & I anyways. Archie hates the water.
water dog

Have a great week!

I’m planning a post about the penny bar top later this week, so stay tuned.

Here is the full shot that didn’t make it into the reveal (I have no idea why).



Week 5 of the One Room Challenge- A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned…

Until you think about how many hours you’ve lost gluing…

Hello hello!

Welcome back to aquahaus, and this week’s progress in the One Room Challenge, an endeavor to re-decorate a space in 6 weeks, hosted by Linda of Calling it Home.  This is the most fun internet party I’ve ever been a part of.  Please check the amazing line-up here

First off, let’s all stand and do a slow clap for Amal Almuddin, the beautiful and smart barister (lawyer in British speak) who hooked Clooney.
A + G

And let’s congratulate him too, for he apparently designed this 7 carat of a stunner himself.

Well done Georgie. (both images from

Back to the ORC. Well, to make up for my slack-tastic last week, I hope to make it up to you this week, with pretty pictures, facilitated by my numb fingertips and aching biceps.

Enough teasing, here is the pool house in all its white- walled, empty glory.  


When you paint those walls white, and take out all the crap, it’s a pretty nice room.  I should probably just stop here and call it a win.

But nope, I decided the room would probably be more useful with furniture.


I moved in all my prized thrifted finds:  the vintage sofa, chrome/ wicker rocking chair, drum coffee table…

I also hung this vintage rattan hanging chair on a stand from Pier 1.  


I’ve been hoarding this chair FOREVER (more than a year) since picking up a pair off Craigslist (yes, Craigslist).  And I’ve been waiting for the perfect place to hang it. 

You may have noticed those black cabinets in the corner.  They will serve as the base of my new bar.  Of course there would be a bar.  What pool house doesn’t have a bar?  Where else do you go to refill your gin & tonic?

I picked up these 15″ base cabinets from Home Depot.  


They got the genius Erin Williamson India Ink treatment.  (Yes, I copied her in the SAME ORC)  Because as I said before, she’s a genius!  I mean, can you blame me? How else can you get the perfect black, with visible wood grain, for $4 a bottle? 



But cabinets alone do not a bar make.  You need a countertop, dodo!  

I had lofty ideas, but too little time and $ for custom countertops of marble.  

Easy, cheap solution with big impact?  The answer is right in your change jar.


You want to paint the back a dark color, because it will show through the gaps in the pennies. 


Then you get to have fun and come up with a design.  I went through some iterations.



Version 2 was too pricey.  Those dimes add up quickly!



I decided to stick with version 4.

I stuck them down with plain old Elmer’s glue.



Finally, after many hours of mindless gluing…here she blows in all her glory.


I like the gradient of all the different shades of copper. I still have to work on the edging around the bar top, and I plan to seal it with epoxy.I hope the dark cabinet/ penny bar top combo turns out okay.

I have a ton to do in the next week, and too bad I’m not doing anything this weekend since I’m hosting a Derby de Mayo party.  

Can you say Mint Julep Margarita?

Have a great week!  I see some late nights ahead for me next week. 


One Room Challenge Week 3- Macrame for the win

Welcome back to aquahaus, where I and innumerable other crazies are trying to re-do a space in 6 weeks. We are halfway through… or theoretically supposed to be, I now understand why this is the panic point in the One Room Challenge….

This week, I finished painting.  Uhhh, painting the edges and corners sucks!!

Here is our final space, all glittering in white paint, just waiting for that American flag to be hung.








Painting sucks.

To reward myself for all that hard labor, I treated myself to shopping.  and not just any shopping, my favorite- thrifting on Craigslist.

You see, there is a small side patio to the shed that is dying for a little sitting area.  


I knew what I was looking for…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the equipale chair after seeing the below photo in this article.



I sat with my cup of coffee, tapped on the computer keys as quickly as I could..and a few minutes later, I hit Craigslist gold.

Hello little pretties!  How did you find your way into my home?  Muahahahaha.


Please ignore the fact that this room is in shambles.  It will hopefully be for a future One Room Challenge. 

Back to my obsession with these chairs, which will definitely make their way onto that side patio.  That long piece of wood (that’s what she said) in front of the chairs is for yet another project.  Let’s see if I can get my shit together for that in time.

Lastly, in an effort to bring back some boho into the #rockerbohochic, we have some macrame.  Yes, macrame- can’t have boho without it!  


I actually made this piece at a macrame workshop (yes, these exist in the utopia that is Austin) last weekend at Mockingbird Domestics.  (If you ever come to Austin, please go to this awesome store). I plan on hanging this beauty somewhere in the pool house.

Next week, I need to come up with a semblance of a room plan and buying accessories.

Have a great week! and please check out all the other kickass makeovers happening here.



Week 2- One Room Challenge…Paint galore!

Hello designphiles, hope you had a productive week.

Mine was so so.  I got sick and am finishing up my Z-pak, so less progress this week than I would’ve liked, but here we go…

Biggest thing I needed to do this week was to paint the walls.  

We started with an acid green color


and in true blogger form, I took a roller and some white paint to it. How else am I going to set the perfect background for my art and gallery wall? :)

Now, don’t hate on my painting technique.  I had a roller, but no brush, so I started with the mid section.  It is going to be a pain in the ass to paint the edges, but that’s my modus operandi…do things the hard way.

Here is an “after”, though I still have more to do.


Already brighter and it seems bigger.  The big crap pile in the middle of the room.  Oh yeah, don’t you paint that way too?  Just pile up everything in the middle of the room?  Weird.

Here is a section of one wall, before and “after”.



Now that I am starting to see what this room can become, I have started to formulate a plan for the decor.  While I started off desert boho, I am moving into more of a #rockerbohochic vibe.  This is how I want my pool parties to be…laid back, yet ready to party maximus at a moment’s notice. Oh wait, this has already been done…throughout the 70’s. Oh well.



(Don’t hate on my non-existent mood board skills)

Rocker elements:

Playing some jenga in my furniture rotation, I will move this vintage thrifted sofa from my house’s record room into Aquasita, as it is a good lounging sofa with its sling seats.  

The large bass drum I found at last year’s Roundtop, and will serve as a great coffee table.  More rocker chic.

The cowhide is a great, durable rug that can stand up to wet feet from the pool.

And the American flag tapestry says, “Eff you, I’m America, and I rock!” It is kinda crazy, but if you can’t have fun in a poolhouse, then where can you? Worst case scenario, I can throw an annual July 4th pool party.

In the next week, I will find more boho elements to bring into the room to soften it up (cacti, macrame, art), figure out a furniture layout, as well as finish that damned painting.

Hope you’re having the best week!



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