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Pretty in Pink- Deeyn Rhodes of Nannie Inez

Well, we are one day closer to Friday.  Happy Tuesday!

Today, I have one of my favorite ladies for today’s Pretty in Pink guest- Deeyn Rhodes of Nannie Inez.

Now, Deeyn is one freaking cool lady. She is one of the classiest gals I know, and she just exudes sophistication.  Moving here from NYC, she is now the owner and purveyor of the coolest design & home decor shop in Austin- Nannie Inez.  She is frequently traveling the world, finding original and exceptional things to bring back to us.

Her store is such a gem, and should definitely be on your list of places to hit if you’re visiting, or if you’re doing birthday/ anniversary/ holiday shopping (hint hint Justin).

But cool things alone do not a shop make.

Deeyn makes the shop.

Aside from having beautiful things in her shop, Deeyn makes an effort to connect to her community.  She frequently invites other makers to come in and host workshops.  I myself have done a perfume workshop at the shop and it was delightful.

On a personal note, she is really special.  You know when you meet someone and they immediately put you at complete ease, so much so, that you feel comfortable talking freely and completely?  She has that quality.  And what an amazing quality to have.  Upon meeting her, I was so impressed by her style and sophistication, but even more impressed by her warmth and ability to connect.  She is so easy to talk to, and while I rarely tell people of my far-fetched long-term dreams, I have shared these with Deeyn.

Another (and yes there are many) of the exceptional things I have noticed about Deeyn is the care and time she takes with people.  While I am guilty of writing quick and truncated emails, often without greeting or salutation, she writes thoughtful and invested emails.

It’s no coincidence why people love her, and I’m no exception.

Thanks my beautiful friend for spending time with us, and for sharing some of your favorite items in the shop.


Pretty in Pink Nannie Inez_edited-2

Nannie Inez


Thanks again Deeyn for sharing your dad’s story with us, and for tuning us in to what’s hot in pink in your shop.




Pretty in Pink- Summer Hogan of Simple Stylings

Happy Monday (is there really such a thing?) and welcome back to aquahaus.

Today, we travel to NC, and I’m so excited to introduce you to the awesome Summer Hogan of Simple Stylings.

We’ve become friends through the awesome One Room Challenge, and if you don’t know what this is, you’re missing out! And you need to get with the program.

Last go round, she made over her deck and it is gorgeous.

ORC deck Simple Stylings

This time around, she is making over her closet, and what women doesn’t love that??

Summer is so warm, so genuine, and so encouraging.   She shows endless kindness, and has such a nurturing heart.  She has an adorable son, whom she adopted from Russia in 2010, and I love reading about their adventures together on her blog.  For someone who doesn’t consider herself crafty or creative, her design/ crafts/ cooking are pretty freaking extraordinary.

I find it so interesting that somehow through the internet, the world indeed has become smaller.  We are able to meet and cultivate friendships with people across the country, even across oceans.

I’m so happy to call Summer a friend, and am so happy she agreed to participate in Pretty in Pink.

Pretty in Pink Summer Hogan Simple Stylings. jpeg

SS 2

Thanks again Summer for spending time with us today.

Go forth and conquer this week people!!



Pretty in Pink- Kirsten Stoddard of Triple Max Tons

Welcome back!

When I moved back to Austin 2.5 years ago, one of the first people I was lucky enough to meet was Kirsten Stoddard of Triple Max Tons. Kirsten is awesome, and freaking hilarious.  She seriously makes me laugh so much, every time I’m around her.

When you throw a party, and you want it to be fun, you invite Kirsten.

If you’re having a bad day and you want to laugh, you call Kirsten.

You wanna craft? You call Kirsten.

You wanna watch the Bachelor? Yup…you guessed it.

She is basically the girlfriend you want to have in your posse, because she is just so rad and so real.  She is always up for whatever, and just down to hang.

Oh and you know the Flash tattoos that were ALL OVER ACL?

Yes, those, and the ones that Beyonce sports too?

Yeah, Kirsten is the PR manager for Flash tattoos!  And they are blowin’ up!!!

She also pens a super cool blog that I’ve been a long time reader of… and you should too.


And lastly, she’s so beautiful that she also MODELS!



As seen from the recent Purse and Clutch lookbook.


She does it all. Without further ado….


Pretty in Pink-Triple Maxtons

Isn’t she just the best?  I wish she would do a house tour… (hint hint), she has awesome style.  The vintage Eames lounger is amazing, but so is that balloon.  Hilarious.

Thanks so much Kir for spending time with us.




One Room Challenge- Week 3…PROGRESS!!

Welcome welcome back to the One Room Challenge, in which one must make over a room in 6 weeks!

Well, I am happy to say that despite some shenanigans, I did make some progress on my One Room Challenge room- my rooftop decks!

Shenanigans first…

As if I didn’t have enough to do, I decided to wallpaper a wall in my study.

Sorry for the crappy lighting in these pics.


Oh and this?


No, someone didn’t break into our house and steal our doors and drawer fronts… I decided it was a great time to have our kitchen cabinetry repainted.

I’m insane.

Now onto the progress!

First up, I painted the Acapulco Chairs.  They are so much better sans rust.


I also researched and built these self- watering planters.

planter 1

1.  Get planter.

2.  Insert plastic saucer dish that has a smaller diameter than planter in step 1.  This will create a reservoir for water below.

3. Get little t-shirt strips.  These will act as wicks that bring water up from the water reservoir to the soil level.

4.  Poke holes in plastic saucer dish.

planter 2

5.  After you poke your holes, thread the t-shirt wicks through, as well as some flexible tubing.  This will be the channel through which you can fill the reservoir.

6.  This is an aerial view of the wicks and tubing with water below.

7. Fill halfway with soil, and bring the wicks to the middle of the soil.

8.  Top with soil and admire your planter!

And that’s not all folks!

I also did some shopping…

Whereas I had grandiose plans of building an outdoor sectional, 2 thoughts occurred to me.

1.  I need something less permanent that I can bring on and off the deck easily.

2.  I don’t really have the time!!

So onto Plan B…

Umm… genius festival! Military cots!

These can be tres chic if done correctly, and they are super duper portable.  So we can use these when we camp with our trailer as well!

Here are some good examples of military cots (images from Honestly WTF):

military cotmilitary cot 3

And so, I picked up 2 of those babies off eBay this week!

And then, for the bar…I picked this little gem off craigslist.


When she suggested we drive to her “storage unit” to get the bar, I was slightly alarmed… but all’s well that ends well.  I did text the address and my whereabouts to a friend just in case. I’ve seen too many made-for-TV movies about craigslist killers and so on.

But I’m still alive.

Woo hoo!!

This weekend, I will (hopefully) install my mosquito netting fiasco.

Wish me luck!

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