One Room Challenge- week 4 of Bavarian B& B bath makeover

Hi friends,

It’s been a run and gun race over here. My baby is sick and this project is sucking the life out of me.

I finally have a moment to update my progress on Week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

This week was plaster town. Word to the wise. Never do this. It sucks. And it’s hard.

First you need to waterproof the cement board. Then I did a thin thinset coat to float the wall. Then comes the multiple lime plaster coats.

Here’s where we are- post plaster but pre soap and wax coats. It has a very matte look so hoping the soap and wax coats will add some shine.

I’m not crazy enough to try a plaster shower floor; Carrara mosaic will go down there.

Oh and the granite top was installed! A vessel sink will go on top


Still a loonnnggg way to go.! Slowly but surely…