Pretty in Pink with Claire Brody of Claire Brody Designs

It’s finally fall in TX!! More of a wet fall than I’d like, but I digress.

To cheer us up from all the gloom this October, we have a ray of sunshine- Claire Brody from Claire Brody Designs.

I love Claire’s work because it’s so personal and bold at the same time.  I love that it’s not generic.  I am so tired of (and yet still love)  the  white/ black/ wood/ brass combo, but Claire is venturing off the beaten path onto such cultured and rich projects.



This kitchen.  Wow.  So bold.  Yet so calming.  So refreshing for the eyes.  It’s warm, cozy, a kitchen where you can sit for a long time and expect to eat something hearty and delish, and stay for a long time.


When she’s not busy being an incredible designer, she is an exemplary human being, doing what most of us cannot.  She is a foster mom to little kids, taking them into her home and giving them so much love and support.  You are an amazing human being Claire!!!

Thank you so much Claire for participating.

Name:  Claire Brody
Occupation:  Interior designer
Location:  Austin, TX
Do you have any personal experience with breast cancer, either yourself or friends/ family?  
Ive known friends and friends of friends affected by breast cancer.  Unfortunately, these days, it seems that everyone knows someone or is directly affected by breast cancer.
If so, what struck you most about this experience.  
Every single person I have known and watched fight breast cancer has been so strong through their fight no matter the outcome.  The strength and determination is incredible to witness.

Finally, show us your space in which you’ve incorporated some pink!

 This is 1/2 of a shared boy/girl kid room and one of my favorite kid rooms ever! The girl requested pink for her bed, which turned out so cute.

.This is a nursery I designed for a baby girl several years back. That pink floral wallpaper is such a feminine statement and I love it!


This was my master bedroom several years back. I remember having an itch to add some pink to the room. This mauve color was the perfect shade.


Thank you so much Claire for sharing with us today!  You are an inspirational and talented person, so beautiful inside and out.