When one door closes…

Hopefully another will open.

Because sometimes, the path of most resistance is the better path.

The good news- we love our town.  We love our jobs.  We want to stay here.

The bad news- We are no longer renovating the current house.


One day, while at the house, we were looking out the back towards the East.  This is the direction the master looks out, and you look out over an empty field. It’s very pretty. We were standing there saying, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if the house was oriented this direction?” We are early risers and would love Eastern sun in the AM, and it would be lovely in the kitchen and dining area… and it clicked. Why not investigate alternatives? We’d been so focused on re-working the existing house but maybe there is a better option… and then we found out that a new build is happening next door where we would’ve been focusing our view.


And so, we decided not to renovate but to contemplate a new build.

Whether that is on a new piece of land or on this one, remains to be seen.

So we are essentially exploring different options (and will probably live in our rental house forever).

The end.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.



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