Pretty in Pink with Christina Canales of Canales & Co. Interiors

Happy Monday!! and to those enjoying Columbus Day off, congrats!

In celebration of the discovery of the Americas, we have a great guest today…the very talented and beautiful Christina Canales of Canales & Co. Interiors in Austin, TX.

I know what you’re thinking…Austin is full of super talented designers.  It’s true.  And yet, they all manage to project their own voice and signature style.  Christina is a bit of a chameleon…her projects have ranged from modern Mexican, to boho chic, to eclectic modern, then to mid century modern…and they’re all so beautiful.  Her projects are such a joy to follow because she infuses so much of the client’s personality into each project, yet filters it expertly through her keen design eye.  I wouldn’t have a clue how to make Muhammad Ali wallpaper work in a space, but she has done so flawlessly.  Do yourself a favor and follow her on instagram.  Her stories are especially entertaining; she is HILARIOUS.

I feel lucky to call her a friend because she is a friend I’ve made later in life.  Not sure if you read my last post, but it gets harder and harder to make friends as you age because you just don’t have the time/ experiences to bond you.  Christina is one of those people that you meet and instantly feel that you’ve known her forever.  Our families spent a day wine tasting together (taking 3 kids to multiple wineries in one day is no joke) and I can’t remember having that much fun in a long time.

So yes, I feel extremely lucky to know and love this lady and to have her as a guest today.

Name: Christina Canales
Occupation: Interior and environmental designer at Canales Interiors
Location: Austin, TX
 Do you have any personal experience with breast cancer, either yourself or friends/ family?  
My paternal grandmother was diagnosed in her early seventies with breast cancer.  Luckily she was able to have surgery to remove the cancer and decided due to her age not to pursue chemotherapy. For myself, after having my first child, I noticed a large lump in my right breast, which even got to the point of being painful.  I immediately set up an appointment with my OBGYN and then went on to have a mammogram and then an ultrasound which revealed benign cysts.
If so, what struck you most about this experience.  
I was told that the cysts that are not a problem; however given my family history, this does not stop me from making my yearly appointment for monitoring and reassurance.

Finally, show us your space in which you’ve incorporated some pink!

First up is this fun airstream that a client purchased to live in while remodeling her home.  She wanted lots of color and we used textiles from her travels around the world and purchased a dipped dyed Persian to give the space some pop.


Image credit Danielle Lochte


This bedroom was designed for my three year old at the time.  I love traveling to places like Mexico and Guatemala, so I made sure to infuse all my textile finds into her room.  The dresser in her room also doubles as her desk.


As if I didn’t go crazy enough with pink in my daughter’s room I also had to add it in our master.  I love waking up to my pink sheets it makes me feel so calm in the morning.
Off our bedroom is a sunroom where I do my quiet and prayer time. I added some more pops of pink with the lumbar pillow that I found in Round Top.
When I was picking floors for the exterior space of our office I wanted hues of pink.  I knew tile would be too much of a contrast so my husband and I started exploring other options and arrived at brick pavers from Clay Imports.  I then added large terra cotta planters so the subtle color would show.

Thank you so much Christina for sharing your own personal experiences and beautiful work with us today! I’m so happy to know you.