Leaving it better…

I’ve been hearing/ reading so much about social media.  How people are burnt out, the negative effects, the comparison game, the fear of missing out, the feeling left out, the constant quest for likes, etc.  and yet there is such a pervasive addiction.

I’m guilty.  It’s hard to scroll through Instagram or read people’s blogs and not be just a little bit jealous of their perfect lives.

I hope I don’t project that on my channels…my life is far from perfect.  The best things in my life are my family.  J & I are most appreciative for our beautiful daughter, our health, and our jobs.  It’s awesome to love what you do and feel fulfilled and that you are making a difference daily.


I will tell you that in between, loneliness does creep in.  Moving to a small town has been great in so many ways, but also hard.  The people here have been so friendly and so welcoming, but at the end of the day, everyone is so busy in their day to day, their kids, and it’s hard to cultivate deep, meaningful friendships when you don’t have the time/ experiences to bond you.  Does that make sense?

This post is neither here nor there, but I was re-reading some of my old posts.  I mean really old, like early 2010’s.  My blog was really weird and quirky then.  Re-reading those posts made me long for the old days of blogging and the old me, who wrote short, weird posts not thinking or caring if anyone was reading.  They were fun to read and made me laugh.  More than that, they’re a great reflection of what was going on at that time of my life, and serve as a great “diary” of sorts.

When Estelle was born, I set her up a gmail account and send her periodic emails with her milestones and funny stories.  I love that she’ll also have this blog to read.  I hope she’ll get to know me in a different facet, my own quirks and idiosyncrasies and hope she’ll be proud to have me as a mom.  Hopefully, she’ll think her parents were/are “cool”.


Anyhow, I’m going to go back to writing short, random posts.  Hopefully, I’ll have some house updates soonish (like in the next year LOL), but in the meantime…who knows what this blog will consist of?  All I know is that I want to be the same person on and off the internet and keep living with the goal of Leaving it better than I found it.

Happy Saturday.

It’s Oktoberfest!