Pretty in Pink with Allison Crawford of Allison Crawford Designs & HOTELette

Monday, October 1st!!  October has long been a month near and dear to my heart.  Lots of great things happen in October… fall is in full swing, Halloween and the perfect costume beckons, but it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I started the Pretty in Pink series in 2014 because despite our different interests and backgrounds, cancer (breast or otherwise), will or has touched someone you love.  Awareness and involvement are paramount, and I’ve been fortunate to have so many wonderful people share their experiences.  Besides all the pretty pictures on Instagram, there are real stories to be told.

I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful guest to kick off 2018’s Pretty in Pink series- Allison Crawford of Allison Crawford DesignsHOTELette.

Allison is a modern day renaissance woman.  I have long followed her work as an interior designer and have been floored by her unabashed use of color and ability to nonchalantly and perfectly chameleon between so many styles. I love the risks she takes, and yet is able to make it all look so seamless and effortless.

I can attest that she is a master of thrifting! Her beautiful spaces are always full of vintage finds.  She has such an impeccable eye and to see her blossom into the founder of a burgeoning empire of curated boutique vacation rentals is inspiring.  If you visit Austin, Dallas, or Nashville, book a stay there for a luxurious stay full of endless Instagram moments.  She’s kind, and funny, and beautiful to boot!


Without further ado…

Name: Allison Crawford
Occupation: Creator of HOTELette // Allison Crawford Design
Location: Austin, Texas

Do you have any personal experience with breast cancer, either yourself or friends/ family?

Thankfully, my experience with breast cancer within my family is limited; however, my dear friend, Jamie Bankhead, has a heart wrenching experience with breast cancer. Jamie and I went to college together and she has always been a positive ray of sunshine even in the midst of living with cancer.  At the young age of 28, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been living with the complicated disease for almost 11 years.  Jamie explains to me that she will always be on medications to keep it contained. In typical Jamie fashion, she looks at this lifelong struggle with humor and grace and thanks Beyoncé for making wigs popular!  This Dallas blonde currently has short brown hair and we laugh about her wig transformations!

If so, what struck you most about this experience?

I’m constantly in awe of Jamie’s bright outlook on life and her relatively normal urban lifestyle in New York City. When I feel gloomy about work or life in general, I remind myself of how lucky I am for my friends, family and health.

Lastly, show us your space in which you’ve incorporated some pink!


Photo: Catherine Truman Photo
Photo: Catherine Truman Photo
Photo: Nicole Mlakar
Photo: Nicole Mlakar

Thank you Allison for taking the time to share your experiences and beautiful work with us today! Your entrepreneurial spirit and drive are inspiring!!