Summer of 2018

I will never be a blogger, I’m too inconsistent. But here are some life updates…. in no particular order of importance…

Stellie is as adorable as ever. She knows so many words now. It’s amazing how well she understands everything we say and how she has started parroting us. She is so fun to be around and she is becoming a regular around the wineries.

Work is going well for both of us. We love where we are and our work environments.

We have been busily packing and prepping for our trip to Vietnam! We leave tonight and I won’t lie- I am very very afraid of the flight with the beast. But hopefully it will all be worth it! It will be fun to spend so much time with our family and eat some awesome food. Pray the weather gods are kind to us!

I have been asked a lot about #theoakhaus. Well, progress has been slow. We have a beautiful house design but we haven’t yet decided on a builder. I think the economy and especially construction is strong because things are expensive!! We are currently in a phase where we are trying to tweak the design, taking out some of the more pricey elements, but still retaining the overall spirit of the design. It’s a slow process of tweaking. Building/ renovating is not for the faint of heart!! But we are just trying to not force things, listening to what the universe is telling us.. if it’s meant to happen, it will!

Meanwhile, I am hoping our landlord will renew our lease. Otherwise, we will be living in that house with lawn furniture.

We celebrated Justin’s bday yesterday with a homemade meal of grilled steaks, asparagus, potatoes, and mushrooms. She ate so much asparagus!

A funny tidbit- Stellie loves vegetables and fruit. Sometimes, we try to feed her cake but she just wants the strawberries on the cake!

2 thoughts on “Summer of 2018

  1. So whatever happened to your Arizona house. One day you were doing the bathroom next I knew you were traveling the world.

    1. Lol. We finished it!! See the completed house tour in the menu- as seen on. We sold that house and moved to Texas!!

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