Have you ever been somewhere that really got to you? Like… you start questioning your current path in life and whether or not it should change?

That was Japan for me.

Japan is utopia.  It is beautiful, safe, clean.  People are respectful and take pride in their jobs, whatever it is.  There is no littering. There is no graffiti.  I never heard a cell phone ring.  (People turn it to vibrate).

Beyond that, the food, culture, and design resonates with me. I love how the Japanese are so detail and materially oriented.  Less is more, but the less needs to be more.  More intricate, luxe.  Simple design, but well executed.

We stayed in a beautiful ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in Kyoto and I loved the ritual of soaking in the ofuru (soaking tub).  Japanese bathrooms are so luxe yet simple but still material rich… such an amazing paradox.

I told myself that if we ever remodeled again (I should’ve known we would), I would do a Japanese inspired bath.

Well…here we are….back to The Oakhaus.

My architects have reconfigured the house, and the current master bedroom will serve as the new master bath.

Here she is now:

Photo Oct 22, 12 49 30 PMPhoto Oct 22, 12 49 32 PMYeaaahhhh… not so luxe.

Here is what we have in store:

You walk down a wardrobe hallway, and the bathroom is through the glass doors to the right.

Once you walk into the bathroom, the soaking tub is the first thing you see.


Now all the details aren’t set yet, and yes, all marble everything would be great too, but I’ve done a lot of white, neutral, safe bathrooms, and I want to do something more “me”, without the worry of resale.

While in Tokyo, I was struck by the beauty of this coffee shop.


And then, I saw this image by Doherty Design Studio, and I was smitten.


If this just doesn’t say Japanese luxe, I don’t know what would.  The blue is reminiscent of Japanese ceramics. The brass is sexy.

The shower is opposite the vanity…. imagine it clad in blue tile.


Like this (excuse my non-existent mood board skills)

blue tile

Here is the elevation of the vanity. I’m still unsure about 1 longer trough sink vs. 2 sink bowls.

Capture (1)

I’m looking at a couple different palettes-

Full wall of tile for the vanity wall, with dark cabinets, and a white terrazzo floor. I call this Japanese spa. 


Accent band of tile as to not overpower the wall, with the same dark cabinets, and white terrazzo floor.  Let’s call this Japanese spa lite. 


Then we go full wall of tile, teak cabinets, and dark terrazzo floor. This is risqué because of the tile on the wall and floor…but fortune favors the bold! I call this Japanese boutique hotel. 

option 3

But what about what I call Japanese smoky lounge?? We do everything dark and dramatic!  Dark cabs, dark floor.


So what is your fave?

  1. Japanese spa
  2. Japanese spa lite
  3. Japanese boutique hotel
  4. Japanese smoky lounge

I can’t stop making mood boards.

Here is 5.  Japanese sunroom.

japanese sunroom


Happy Friday!


One thought on “The Oakhaus: Master Bath edition”

  1. From the photo from Japan and the design photo I say go with number 4. The teak cabinets are beautiful and authentic but 4 offers luxe and simplicity. You can add teak accessories and lovely white ceramic accessories such as a vase or planter. These would incorporate those components you say you love. I also picture pegs with beautiful ukatas hanging in the room. I do wonder why divide the space on the wall with two mirrors. Could you have a trough sink and a single rectangular mirror? It seems more natural and simplistic to me. No matter it will be beautiful and reminicient of your time in Japan. ⛩🗻🌸 Have fun and go with what YOU love.

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