Hiiiii interweb. I won’t even call this a blog since I haven’t written in so long but rather a collection of thoughts.

Nevertheless, I did want to blog because I want to chronicle the massive undertaking of our newest project- our planned forever home. I use that term “forever” gingerly because we have lived in 4 cities in the last 5 years, but I digress.

We bought this house because it has great bones and a great location and a nice lot of almost an acre. Plus the trees! We have 3 amazing heritage oaks.

Not to say it isn’t wonky. It is. There are serious layout issues. It is totally original and has the mismatched carpet to prove it.

I hesitate to make too many changes based on resale but we are trying to take that into account and not make it too taste specific, but livable and widely appealing.

Here is a basic before layout.

The den is a pretty room but I don’t think we’d use it the way we’d want (TV room with baby toys everywhere) when it’s at the front of the house. The entry is between the den and breakfast room. The great room with kitchen, dining, and living is nice but it’s a lot to cram into one space. There is a bedroom right off the dining. The powder room is wonky and dark. The office is tiny. The master is on the far right and right next to the other bedrooms.

We wouldn’t use that breakfast area and it’s big, so a lot of wasted space.

Also the electrical, plumbing is non- functional.  Yay!

From our last home, we learned that split floor plans are very desirable and rightfully so- it’s nice to have a master retreat.

After talking it over, we created a wish list:

Kitchen and Dining in same space. Our breakfast area will be the same as our dining area. We are not really formal dining people.

Screened in porch/ sunroom because Texas. (mosquitoes)


Separate Pantry

Separate Laundry Room which would also house broom closet, swiffer, mops

Basement with media area where we can watch TV, let the baby and her toys run wild, office nook, and guest room with its own bath

Bunk room somewhere in the house to host our many nieces

More guest space

Detached garage since we would convert existing 3 car garage into basement

RV pad for our Airstream

Pool (eventually)

Orchard and garden (eventually)

The most crucial piece to the puzzle is creating the split floor plan and moving the entry. How to fit everything else in????  Hire smart and talented architects!

We are working through the revamped layout and it’s exciting. More on that to come later.

For now- a random collection of things I’m obsessed with and would like to incorporate if possible.  I’m going for a Scandi-terranean vibe.  What does that mean?

Neutral interiors that are warm, luxe, but edited and less decorated.  Focus on the materials.  Natural exterior landscaping.  Less structured hardscape, and more gravel, lavender, and olive trees.

Wine fridge right in kitchen










Range between windows.

Semi handmade doors

White oak cabinetry.

Olive trees around the pool














Bunk Room















Hope to have more progress to share soon!!



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