Keto Week 1

I saw a picture of myself last week and I didn’t recognize myself. I gained 43lb with my pregnancy, just a wee bit more than the 20-25 recommended pounds.  I lost 26lb after having the baby, but that still leaves 17lb of extra weight.

I had an extremely difficult delivery, and ended up having a c-section.  The first two months post-partum were hell.  I was in so much pain and could barely walk.  I finally felt better in the 3rd month, and of course by then, I had to go back to work.

The 4th month post-partum, I was tired.  I was balancing full-time work with a little baby, and trying to savor every minute with her when I was home from work.

But by her 5th month, I realized that I need to take time for me again.

I started going to the gym sporadically, but nothing too dedicated.

Last Sunday, I’d had enough.  I spent quite a bit of time on and became very inspired. Go to this website to understand the physiology behind ketogenesis.

I am also very motivated due to a trip we booked to Mexico at the end of the month…I’D HAVE TO WEAR A BATHING SUIT!!!

J & I started a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting on Sunday.  Restricting carbs to <20g daily if possible, and eating only during an 8  hour period during the day, and fasting for 16.  The best part about this diet is that by eating fat, you don’t feel so deprived.

I started at 145.7lb on Sunday April 30th.

Monday May 1st- 30minutes on recumbent bike before work.  bulletproof coffee for breakfast, egg salad to break the fast, bison/ cauliflower rice stir fry for lunch/ pork chop with green beans for dinner.

Tuesday May 2nd- bulletproof coffee for breakfast, hard boiled eggs to break the fast, pork chop with green beans for lunch, frittata with mushrooms and cheese for dinner.  cardio disc 1 of 21 day fix.


Wednesday May 3rd- bulletproof coffee for breakfast, frittata with mushrooms and cheese for lunch, frittata with mushrooms and cheese with salad. Starting feeling sick with a cold/ sore throat.  I don’t think it was keto flu.

Thursday May 4th- bulletproof coffee for breakfast, cheese/ cold cuts for lunch, carnitas/ romaine lettuce salad. One square of Choc Zero with a few macadamia nuts for dessert. Sick, so not working out. Taking Nyquil at night.

Friday May 5th- bulletproof coffee for breakfast, pozole soup for lunch, cauliflower crust/ bacon/ feta pizza with cabbage slaw. Still sick. Still taking Nyquil. One square of Choc Zero with a few macadamia nuts for dessert.


Saturday May 6th- bulletproof coffee x 2 for breakfast, scrambled eggs/ bacon/ avocado for lunch, 2 crabcakes for snack, baked chicken with romaine lettuce salad.  Did have a treat of 1/2 cup Halo Top Sea Salt & Caramel with macadamia nuts.  Still sickly and taking Nyquil.


Sunday May 7th- Woke up and weighed myself.  I’m down to 141.5lb.  Down 4.2lb for the week.  Not bad!

Things I noticed:

-Within a couple days, I felt noticeably less bloated and wouldn’t have the same stomach ache/ gas after meals.

-Very quickly, my cravings for sugar/ carbs subsided, but one square of choc zero was enough to feel very decadent.

-For someone that used to use flavored creamer and Splenda in her coffee daily, switching to bulletcoffee with no sweetener is surprisingly not that difficult.  The coconut oil and butter make the coffee satisfying.  Cinnamon is a nice spice to add.

-It is surprisingly very mental and empowering to restrict yourself. (Who am I?!)

-It is much easier to accomplish if you’re doing it with your significant other so you don’t sabotage each other.

-Snacking is allowed during the 8hr eating period.  It is weird to get used to eating high fat items.

-Make sure to take your measurements beforehand because progress won’t just be on the scale..I’m also using a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to fit into for awhile as a gauge.

I’m sure I’ll have more observations, insights, and comments next week.  Stay tuned!