Black Marble Dreams

We are re-doing our kitchen.  It’s perfectly nice, but it’s not me.  The mosaic backsplash is pretty 90’s and the cabinet color is dull.



I had an idea of what I wanted…nothing novel- white cabinets, white marble, etc.

Because is there anything prettier than white marble islands? …with waterfall edges to be more specific?


white marble


AD marble


I die.

But the thought of etching it with wine also makes me cry.

So we starting searching for an alternative….

Macaubus quartzite was the plan.  I loved what Erin did in her kitchen.



We went to our local Arizona Tile store to check out their slabs.  This was fun.

They had some really beautiful slabs.


macaubus 2


But they were just slightly too gray.  Do you see it? or am I crazy?

But still, we were about to pull the trigger, and while waiting for the ticket to be written up, we stumbled upon these.

black slabs 1


Obviously, this was not part of the plan.  But they were so bold! So sexy!

And on the spot, we changed our plan!

Wouldn’t you?  if you saw this?

marble island



So here we are, about to start our kitchen renovation.  I don’t have all the details set, but we’re painting the cabinets white, and I’m doing a stacked white tile backsplash.  I am using this tile that I found on Craigslist.  It’s Italian Imola tile…that I bought off Craigslist.  I am so happy.



I need to decide on pendants for the island, and the faucet and sink.  I’m going to mix metals and keep the existing chrome hardware.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

Happy weekend!



2 thoughts on “Black Marble Dreams

  1. It’s gong to be beautiful! I like using mixed metals of the same palette – chrome, silver, polished nickel together they give a space a collected look and not so a homogeneous model home feel.I love your decisive snap decisions! I will say I opted to not put pendants over my counters (like in your inspiration photo) and have recessed down lights the length of the counter to highlight the stone. Whatever you do it will look spectacular.

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