Pretty in Pink- Ibie Falcusan

It’s Thursday!  Just one day closer to the weekend.  It’s a beautiful day here in the desert, and I’m excited for this weekend!  One reason being, I get to brunch with today’s Pretty in Pink guest- Ibie Falcusan!

I actually read Ibie’s blog many years ago, and I must’ve dedicated an 8 hour stretch into reading about her previous home renovation in DC.  Absolute perfection.  And as if that wasn’t even, her home was also published in Better Homes and Gardens…AND this isn’t even her day job!  I know.

I love her style, her attention to detail, and her humor!! If you don’t already, you need to follow her on IG.  Her captions are THE best.

I always felt sympatico with Ibie, and as luck would have it, we moved to Arizona at the same time.  I’m so excited and feel so lucky to have a bud in the city with whom to thrift and discuss decor!

Ibie will discuss her own pops of pink (she can throw together a stunning bouquet in 10 minutes), but one new favorite for me is the set of Baughman-esque chairs she just pilfered from Craiglist.  THOSE SHOULD BE MINE.  Kidding.  Kind of.


pink chairs

IbieDo you have any personal experience with breast cancer, either yourself or friends/ family?

I’m grateful that I’ve never experienced a personal loss due to breast cancer. Notwithstanding, I know many people who have had some traumatic scares and close calls. It’s a terrible thing to watch.


If so, what struck you most about this experience?

What strikes me is that so many women in my life are fortunate to have access to high quality preventative care. Early, regular screening can mean the difference between life and death.


Lastly, show us your space in which you’ve incorporated some pink!

My personal style is fairly neutral but I love to add pink through flowers. I just moved to Arizona and I love cutting the bougainvillea in our backyard for an easy floral arrangement and little pop of color.



ibie3                           bougainvillea


Thank you Ibie for taking the time to share your experiences today! I’m actually very happy to hear when people DON’T have a personal experience with cancer.  The most important lesson to glean is constant awareness and preventative care!