Have you ever seen Love Actually? It’s one of my favorite movies, and to me- one of the best ever.  I watch it every year at Christmas.  It has everything:  comedy, romance, suspense…

Hugh Grant is wonderful in that romantic comedy role.

Anyways, you know at the beginning of the movie when he talks about all the love people demonstrate at the airport when welcoming loved ones?  And yet, at the same time, there is profound sadness when someone you love leaves..

It reminds me of moving.

When you arrive at your new house, you are beyond excited…can’t wait to discover and cultivate all the potential.

When you leave your house, it is heartbreaking.

Funny how there can be such contrasting emotions.

That’s how I felt the day we left aquahaus.

I loved that house.  I put so much thought and love into the design of that house.

We did a last walkthrough and it really broke my heart to see the house so empty, devoid of all the furniture and art I’d painstakingly collected just for the space.

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

kitchen 3

living room

I had been putting on such a brave and nonchalant face about leaving the house, but the truth is- I loved that house, and I don’t know if I’ll ever find such a special house again.

As we were driving away, I was sobbing.

And then we hit the open road, heading towards the Big Easy…




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