White Kitchen Cabinets

When we moved into aquahaus, we were lucky to find a nice kitchen with nice appliances & a subway tile backsplash.


See that space above the full wall cabinets?  We added to MDF on top to get rid of that space.  What do builders leave spaces on top of cabinets to gather dust?

Here is the real estate photo of the space.


See the space?

We had that filled in with MDF, and naturally, we couldn’t leave this mismatched.

I love wood cabinets.

wood kitchen

Image from Remodelista

wood kitchen 2


But our wood cabinets were more yellow and country rather than modern, with horizontal graining.

So we had to paint it out.

A bucket of paint does wonders.

hometour_celineord_9 (1)




Much whiter and brighter!!

xo CBO

4 thoughts on “White Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Your house is SO bright! I love love the windows on all sides. The wood was great, but I am a fan of the white–it really suits the space. As for why builders leave that awkward gap between cabinets and ceilings, I have no idea, but I hope they all read this and see that the internet stands unified against it!

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