Camille Styles Home Tour Feature

Today, we were featured on the awesome Camille Styles blog- one of my faves for entertaining inspiration.

Check out the feature here.

I wanted to share some of my fave images with comments, trying to keep it real.

I love this first pic because it shows what we are doing 90% of the time we’re at home- watching TV with our dogs on our laps.


This wallpaper is truly one of my favorite things I’ve done to my house.


This next one cracks me up because-

1) I don’t really ever chop anything in the kitchen.

2) Look how hard I’m concentrating to slice an orange. HomeTour_CelineOrd_9

This tree is both the best and worst part of our house.  Sure it’s beautiful and the shade it provides is fantastic, but raking those leaves/ pollen is not the most fun thing I’ve ever done. HomeTour_CelineOrd_17

The penny bar!!  I spent so many hours on that thing, and I forget how lovely it really is.


The rooftop deck!  The most fun when you’re sharing it with friends you love. We took 50 billion pictures of me pouring myself a drink.  I had to keep drinking.  No complaints here. HomeTour_CelineOrd_20

The pool house is a great place to gather.  I love this pic because it looks so natural, but we were laughing about how “unnatural” it felt to be posing.


Man, the house has good lines. HomeTour_CelineOrd_22

All in all, a super fun shoot, and a great way to document the memories we’ve made in just a few short years in this house.

All images for Camille Styles by Nicole Mlakar.

4 thoughts on “Camille Styles Home Tour Feature

  1. Awesome house tour- all of the photos are fabulous. I’m a fellow doctor(EM) and design lover in Colorado and adore your blog.

  2. Your home is stunning. You deserve every bit of the 90% lounge time in the LR, all that hard work you put it in! Bravo to you, love the patio areas and rooftop too…lucky lucky!

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