Are you the same person on and off the internet?

Yesterday, my One Room Challenge deck makeover was featured on Apartment Therapy.


I read AT a lot, so I knew the commenters can be mean.

Anyone can be mean when there’s anonymity.

But I thought the deck was cool. And didn’t expect to see rude comments.

Some people did leave really sweet comments. Thank you!!!!

But others posted solely to be rude.

That was weird enough but then this morning, I found the story posted on the AT Facebook feed with oodles of comments about the flag.

The flag that usually hangs off the deck, towards the street.

People got angry when talking about the flag.



I couldn’t believe it.




It’s a before picture and to me, it was obvious the wind had blown it up and backwards.

This especially pains me because I freaking love America.

I’m one of the most patriotic people I know.  I have family in the military and my husband works at the VA!


Here we are in flag sunglasses and my America beanie.



Even my pool house has a flag.  (displayed correctly in the vertical position for all those flag etiquette crazies)


I even have a flag helmet!


Sadly, I felt the need to stand up for myself and posted this pic to the feed.


One person called me an “asshole” and told me to”have an ounce of respect”.


I noticed she later deleted her comment.

Point of all of this is:

We shouldn’t presume to know everything about every situation on the Internet.

I’ve done it and now I see how wrong people (and I) can be, and how bothersome and hurtful words can be.

I have to give some respect to celebrities because it is hard to read/ hear/ see criticism.

When we write or say something, even with the cloak of anonymity, maybe we should ask ourselves “Would my mom be proud of this? Will I look back at this and feel good about myself?”

So much negativity in the world. We need more love!

The answer can be found in any kindergarten class- the golden rule.

Happy hump day!




21 thoughts on “Are you the same person on and off the internet?

  1. wow- people are so crazy. i cant believe people would pounce on you for that!! #ignore #delete #rude

  2. Of all the people I know, you are the LAST person to disrespect the flag. That is so bizarre (imagine in a German accent, please). Also, enjoy your rug, how can you deserve or not deserve an inanimate object? I’m just confused.

  3. Hi, I popped over from AT to admire your deck (love it!). I’m stunned by the level of vitriol you got over the (clearly) windblown flag. So sorry that so much obviously misdirected rage was focused your way. People need to chill out and get some perspective: it’s a piece of fabric not the actual fundamental values of the country it’s supposed to stand for. And ya, there’s needs to be more golden rule in comment sections!

  4. I cannot believe the rudeness of people. How petty and trivial of them to notice & comment on such a detail. What is wrong with people? It was a beautiful transformation, end of story 🙂

  5. The rug comment really got me. I sensed a little rug-jealousy. And the flag thing is a little ridiculous. People have way too much time that could be better spent helping those in need or something. Geez. Love your deck and love you. Keep on, sistah.

  6. OMGee. People can be so rude. Where have all the manners gone? Seriously people! You, however, are a doll and I adore you!! Taylor Swift got it right…”haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate… I’m just gonna shake shake shake shake shake. Shake it off. Shake it off.” Keep on keeping on. Love you girl!!

  7. I saw the AT Facebook post and all the mean flag comments and it took a lot for me to not pounce on all those people and defend you! I couldn’t believe what they were saying! People can be so mean. Don’t take to heart what they said. 🙂

    1. Celine – I loved your before and after makeovers of the deck – so freakin cool to be on AT! You are awesome.
      Don’t let the haters get you down – I know no one more patriotic than you.
      Your deck, your house, your yard look amazing. That rug is gorgeous.
      Miss you in PDX.

  8. Celine- catching up on all my fave blogs after unplugging for a bit. Encountered one particularly nasty comment on my blog that was just plain mean- no other explanation for it and truthfully I was surprised that it affected me the way it did. I nearly considered retiring my blog. So I can completely understand where you are coming from here. Reading some of the horrible things these people are saying, it makes me wonder how they could type such things and then just step away from their computer and not think anything about how the recipient might feel reading them. Just no purpose to that kind of behavior on the web or in real life. Please know that you have a lot of admirers who read your blog regularly and think you’re cooler than shit.

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