Shower pan re-do

Hope you had a nice weekend. The weather has been fantastic here.

Fantastic for lounging on patios or

Re-epoxying a shower pan!

I took advantage of the nice weather and worked outside in the Airstream.

First order of business- the bathroom and shower pan.

Yes, usually we take a shower when we want to get clean.

However, the shower pan in our airstream was gross.



So I did my research.

Bought Homax tub and tile spray.

I spent almost 2 hours taping and prepping the surface. I also donned my painter coveralls and $20 respirator mask. Worth every cent.


And then voila!


Brand new shower pan!

Side by side:


Woo hoo!!!

Now we don’t have to clean our feet after we shower!

Still lots more to do, but making progress!


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