Week 6- The Big Reveal of the Aquahaus Rooftop Deck Lounges

Hi GooGoo Trons!

The day is here! It’s bittersweet that the One Room Challenge is over. Thanks Linda for creating such a wonderful, fun, and unifying experience for so many.

And a huge thank you to all those who followed along on the blog and on IG. Your encouraging, sweet, and funny comments kept me in the game.

Thanks to all the participants for doing this crazy thing so as to give me something to look forward to on Wed and Thurs. Your creativity and talent is astounding, overshadowed only by the kindness and love I’ve seen in this. It’s awesome that we can establish such camaraderie and support each other so!

Did you see the amazing reveals yesterday?

Well, I am suffering from a serious inferiority complex, and I am feeling kinda shy to show my decks. But alas, here we are.

Well, my goal has been to make over my rooftop decks. We have two here at aquahaus, and they had long been neglected, and were just barren wastelands of concrete and rust.

My goal was to create a fun, hip space to entertain and relax in. Maybe drink coffee… drink a drinkie…read a book…take a nap.

Did I succeed?

I don’t know. You tell me.

2 important questions I’ve answered for myself:

1. From how many angles can you take a picture of the same thing?


2. Can I write an entire blog post with hashtags?



Get ready for some hashtags.

Here is a reminder of Deck A:

deck A before

Boo cakes.


While I had initially planned to use a sun shade, geometric pattern, planters…I essentially did none of that.

(So I’m glad I didn’t invest time in making a fancy mood board).

Nope, I design by the seat of my pants.

Enter boxwood, kilim, a mid century bar, lighted hashtag sign, and gold spray paint…

and 6 weeks later, you have this:


I call this #palmsspringsmeetsmarfa

There is the classic boxwood and black/white stripe of Palms Springs, and the boho acapulco chairs and kilim of Marfa.


The boxwood did wonders to make the space more organic, and warm up that cold concrete. And I can’t kill it! Woo hoo!



Here is my darling little mid century bar I got off of Craigslist. It’s a delightful place to hold court and mix drinks.



green deck

Oh I love you little hashtag sign. #hashtaglove

One day, will I look at this pic and date it to 2014? Maybe.


p.s.- see the aqua eaves?



One of my most fave pieces…an Acapulco chair that rocks AND has a cupholder. #geniusfestival


Detail shot of my zinc top coffee table and pretty kilim.



You may have noticed the lack of styled vignettes. Porque you say?

Porque it’s an outdoor space, and I’m trying to keep it real! Vignettes don’t matter so much outdoors. Only a seat and boozie!





This is some kind of metal art and the circles swing when the wind blows hard enough. It was an ugly rust color. Gold spray paint fixes everything, just like Windex.

gold- metal art-boxwood

Party time. (Shout out to my SIL and my awesome neighbor)


Let’s ignore the fact that I’m mixing drinks for a dog and a baby. We don’t card chez Aquahaus.

But a plaid dress code is very much recommended.

I think I get bonus points for Archie’s t-shirt matching the black/white striped pillows. He is so a propos.

Okay…onto Deck B.

Here is the dreaded before:

deck b before


And while I had grandiose plans of creating a vegetable garden, I know myself too well. Those poor guys would’ve died in 2 weeks.

So I had to stay true to myself and stick to what works for me: napping and low-maintenance cacti.

I just wanna feel like a boho princess in my gauzy, romantic castle.

I made the canopy system. It is airline cable rigged together with carabiners onto the roof line and metal poles. Not only does it take up very little visual space, it is portable; easy to take on/off.


(How many times can I use the term “visual space” in this post? #drinkinggame!)


The military cots are legitimately comfortable and true to theme- also so easy to assemble/ disassemble. I have really grown to love the fact that they don’t match.


And look at those sexy wooden legs.

cot legs

The shibori rug! I tried shibori for the first time last weekend and it worked. This was my last minute DIY since Serena and Lily very rudely oversold my rug. But this alternative worked pretty well.

It is a dyed canvas dropcloth from Home Depot. Who knew you could so easily dye these?

This is a huge drop cloth that cost $19. I am already planning to do this again and use the canvas for upholstery fabric. #eco$chic




Can you really have too many pillows or too many colors? Not in Princess Boho’s land. (see how I just gave myself a title?)

parallel cots

The small acrylic tree trunk patterned side tables are from Nest Modern in Austin. I like how they don’t take up visual space. (Drink now)



Peeking through the curtains to my cactus garden….

These are like walls, delineating the room, but the sheerness of them….you guessed it!

Very little visual space. (Drink now)





My cactus garden. I am really hoping they will survive my black thumb. I like the mixture of black/ white pots and one solo aqua pot. #represent

I also built that hairpin bench for them to rest on. My cactus garden pots don’t rest on the ground! No way!

It is a solid slab of Padauk with 4 black powder-coated hairpin legs. I like those legs rather than big chunky legs because….

less visual space!

(Drink now)




Well, those are the rooftop decks! Austin friends, please come over and hang while the weather is delightful. We can play other drinking games.

I’m sure these decks will continue to evolve, and you should watch the fun over on my Instagram! I’m @aquahaus.


Source List:

-Faux Boxwood from Amazon

-Mid century bar from Craigslist

-Acapulco chairs from Great Outdoors

-Kilim rug (vintage)

-Coffee table from Pottery Barn

-Hashtag sign from Marshall’s

-Mosquito net curtains from Ikea

-Military cots (vintage)

-Acrylic side tables from Nest Modern

-Pillows (who knows)

-Shibori rug (DIY with canvas dropcloth from Home Depot)

-Hairpin bench (DIY)

-Succulents and cacti from East Austin Succulents

celine & archie

Now, I have to run because I have drinks to mix for canines.


Me: “What’s that Archie?”

Archie: “Woof Woof”

Me: “Oh, okay. I’ll make it a double.”


Now, that’s some funny stuff.

Clearly, I’ve reached the end of this post, so toodles and see you in May!

But don’t forget to check out the other awesome projects being revealed today!  Serious talent.



89 thoughts on “Week 6- The Big Reveal of the Aquahaus Rooftop Deck Lounges

  1. Seriously…. for someone who “designs by the seat of her pants” you know how to pull a space together. Your decks are fun, hip and totally real and approachable. I am glad you don’t card, because you might kick me out for being too old to enjoy such coolness! Congrats on an amazing job!

  2. Seriously the coolest space EVER!!! I’m dying over the grass walls! That is the perfect finishing touch. Oh and can I please grab a cocktail from that incredible bar then take a snooze on the cozy cot? Amazing job friend!!

  3. Love how it all came together and finally, somewhere to drink with the baby and dog in privacy! Love all the prints and mixture of pieces.

  4. Yes!! Now that’s some visual space I want to come party in. It is all amazing. I saw Deck A and thought wow this is the best thing ever. And then you blow my mind with Deck B and the amazing drop cloth dyed rug. You are too good. I want it all!! #serioustalent #hahato2014hastagcomment. Speaking of camera angles, did you have to get in a helicopter to get some? Cause they’re awesome. Nice photography talent!

  5. Best rooftop deck #evah!!!! I can’t believe how much boxwood you must have used- well done! When I come to Austin, for Austin City Limits because I just must, can I rent those cots for the weekend? This is seriously just so good!!!

  6. I really like what you have done here Celine. What I like about these decks (and your style in general) is how relaxed and cool they are. You have an eye for great furniture and a knack combining it . I want to hang out there, with a coffee in the early morning and a beer at night. Love it.

  7. What a fabulous space Celine! I love your bar cart & that awesome metal statue you painted gold! And the canopied area, amazing! And I’ve said it before but that faux boxwood is amazing – it warms the space up so much! Awesome job! xx jana

  8. Celine, what an AMAZING transformation my ORC friend! BRAVO!! I knew it was going to be fab after participating in the last ORC with your powerhouse pool house! The view is just amazing too! Agree the boxwoods add the Palm Springs effect and make the space along with your #hashtag marque light and the midcentury bar! Can’t wait to fly over and hit up your pool & enjoy a cocktail on the roof top until the sun goes down!

  9. I was the most excited to see this space, and it did not disappoint! I’M COMING OVER SO WE CAN DRINK OUR FF SORROWS AWAY TOGETHER, okay? #seriously

  10. One of my favorite transformations from the one room challenge! You have such great mid century style. I can’t decide which deck I like more! The acrylic side tables, pillows on the military cots, and faux boxwood are just a-mazing.

  11. I cannot get over the boxwood! I wouldn’t have had the guts to try fake greenery, but thanks to you, I will! LOVE the princess castle space…the curtains, the awesome shibori rug (which has my wheels turning – thanks for the inspiration)…so much to love. Great job!!

  12. what a FUN space! its so casual and hip and has this “come and use me” vibe that i just love. i also happen to LOVE that hashtag sign! i scored the same/similar one at home goods, and it is now living in charlottes little secret room. great minds… 🙂

  13. I love what you did with the decks and your DIY/building skills are off the charts. But what I love most is that you make us want to read your posts with your humour and your storytelling. You do it so effortlessly.

  14. Love it, Celine! The only thing missing in that picture is a plaid-clad me! Miss you, friend, and so grateful I can keep up with you at least virtually through your blog! xoxo

  15. I’m a little tipsy after playing your post drinking game! #visualspace Seriously, Celine this looks incredible! My best friend lives and Austin, and let me just say the next time I come to visit I’m inviting myself over to hang with you on the rooftop. Is that rude!? Great job and congrats on finishing the challenge 🙂

  16. oh my gosh, that’s a lot of boxwood! it looks fabulous and the idea to warm up the space really works. love how you placed the plants on that mid-century style bench. looks like a fun place! dana

  17. OMG you are so funny! An important question…how did you take the birds eye view photos? rent a helicopter? hmmm…Ok this is amazing. I love it all. I’m a huge fan of acapulco chairs (I have 4!) and the cots, and rugs, pillows, plants, netting….and the faux greenery. I want to be your neighbor and come hangout. Awesomeness!! Adore!

    1. Yup, helicopter! Isn’t that the only way? Ha. No, I have a flat room… So just perspective and a ladder. Ummm yes I would love to be neighbors and have delightful cocktail parties together.

  18. umm yes! seriously fabulous spaces! Still can’t get over how great the faux boxwood looks!

  19. Ok, I want to take a nap on that cot so bad. And the boxwood is amazing! And the acryllic side tables that take up so little visual space! If you ever come home to find a random lady hanging out on your balconies, don’t worry, it’s just me. If you could leave the booze in the bar, that would be great.

  20. Your rooftop deck is the definition of cool – love it so much!!!! The faux greenery is brilliant and love every piece of furniture and accessory you put in the space. When can I come over? 🙂

  21. Wow~ An absolutely stunning space! I love the grass walls and mosquito tent area. As a fellow 6 week participant the six weeks was indeed a challenge and you rose up. Well done!

  22. freaking awesome! I need to live in a place where rooftop decks are a thing. may need to borrow your sheer curtain walls on a project that I don’t want taking up a lot of visual space *drinks

  23. Well well….ain’t this a cool hip place. You managed to weave a good story and decorate! What talent! This is definitely where we should have had the ORC reveal party! Love it!

  24. oh my awesome!! i knew i would love this and was totally right. you have such an eclectic eye and if you are designing by the seat of your pants….keep on keepin on because it’s working. looks fabulous!! have a drink for me!

  25. First … both look divine. Second, you have TWO decks … how lucky and I hope you use them endlessly!! Third … I would love to sit up there and have a cocktail with you! Cheers on a job beautifully done!!

  26. Hi! I’m thinking of getting this boxwood to do the same thing to my patio! How did you attach it to the cement walls?

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