One Room Challenge Week 5- What the what?

Week 5??? What the what?

I’m excited, because I can’t wait to see everyone’s reveals next week, but I’m sad because I really really love the One Room Challenge time of year.  It makes Wednesdays and Thursdays so much more enjoyable, and I’ve made so many awesome new friends.  There are talented people out there on the interwebs!

So thank you Linda of Calling it Home, I tip my metaphorical hat to you for creating something so awesomely rad.

Well, we are nearing the end, and luckily I do have some good news to share.

But first the bad.

I ordered a badass rug from Serena & Lily, on sale, only to find out it is not available.  It was listed in error on the website.  How annoying.  So I have no rug.

Okay, now the good.

So that wasn’t that much bad.


1.  The artificial boxwood is in place and it looks fab.  AND best of all, I can’t kill this green.  It adds so much warmth and character to the deck.


2.  Gold has made it onto the deck.


3.  The canopy works.


4.  The cots are comfy and I love lying on one and staring into the sky.  (Deep thoughts) Since so many of you said you don’t mind the mismatch, it shall be so!

military cots


5.  I planted a large cactus and it is cool.  So Marfa chic.  You know what’s not easy?  Planting a giant cactus by yourself.  Pas facile, mes amis.


Oh wait, I lied. More bad.

My interweb soulmate Erin of Holtwood Hipster brought this up, and I thought it was a great question- How do you dress while ORCing?

I look terrible.

That there is scrub pants, and my intramural basketball jersey from middle school- 1995.  Holla!

I cropped out my face. #obvi


Would love to see how you guys dress!

Okay, back to the good.

One more-

I have lots of cute little plants, like so.



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26 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 5- What the what?

  1. I do love Erin as well!! and your ORCing outfit!! that fake boxwood is genius!! where do you get it…and is it by the foot?? and cots to stare at the sky??!! I’m in. I think this will be amazing….can’t wait till next week.

  2. I can’t wait to see what you did with that canopy!! Everything is looking so awesome! Love the boxwood and can’t wait to see what gold goodness you’re teasing us with! Good luck this week!

  3. Where did you find a cactus that huge?! Planting it sounds painful. We used to have a giant barrel cactus that my husband had a special leather coat and gloves he wore when he had to bring it in for the winter.
    ORC outfit = my beloved ugly painting jeans and a t. I Instagrammed my jeans, they’re so fab.
    Can’t wait to see your completed project next week – it will be amazing!

  4. Ha! I thought you were kidding about the middle school jersey. I can’t believe it still fits! You’re killing me! Thanks for the shout out. So the boxwood… I nearly ordered some for a party a while back and I’ve always wanted to use some somewhere, so I’m pretty excited to see it put into action on your rooftop. Super cool. Can’t wait to see you pull out all the stops for a swanky rooftop hangout in next week’s reveal.

  5. LOOOOVE the boxwood. And aren’t you a tease only showing part of that FABULOUS gold piece. Can’t wait for the final reveal. Love it all!!!

  6. Wow I love that faux boxwood! I’m really intrigued by that idea. And the huge cactus rocks! Everything looks so amazing. I am going to have ORC withdrawals after next Thursday, for sure. 🙂

  7. That potted boxwood is fabulous! And love the cactus (can’t imagine planting one!) I can assure you I look like holy hell while ORC ing! Can’t wait to see your reveal ! Xx jana

  8. I wear Lululemon leggings and act like they are fashion leggings. Oh and I wear them with my uggs that I dripped both stain and paint on. They are liked spotted, but in an unintentional way.

    Jealous if this deck situation!!

  9. Omg…that is so true about the ORC attire! I think I posted some pics of us working the third week. What hot messes we were and have been throughout this challenge! Anyways, that stinks about the rug. I’m loving the boxwood wall and can’t wait to see the whole canopy! Good luck these last few days 🙂

  10. I seriously CAN NOT WAIT to see this holy business. I’m sort of obsessed with owning my own patch of faux boxwood…it looks ridiculous and with the hotness of the black chair in front…well you know…I’m basically all kinds of jelly. And I must see that gold structure tout suite…also the bees knees.

  11. Okay, I absolutely love the boxwood. It’s all going to look so good! Damn the Serena and Lily rug. I know that feeling when you think you’ve ordered something (and for the best price ever) and then comes the “oops, that doesn’t really exist” e-mail. Can’t wait to see the final reveal.

  12. I’m SO intrigued by all of this and can’t wait! Loving your scrubs and the fact that you fit into your middle school jersey! You are adorbs!

  13. That boxwood is so good, well everything is really and super excited about the reveal this week. You must do a video about how to plant a cactus without actually hurting yourself – I’m sure it would be a You tube sensation!

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