Pretty in Pink- Kirsten Stoddard of Triple Max Tons

Welcome back!

When I moved back to Austin 2.5 years ago, one of the first people I was lucky enough to meet was Kirsten Stoddard of Triple Max Tons. Kirsten is awesome, and freaking hilarious.  She seriously makes me laugh so much, every time I’m around her.

When you throw a party, and you want it to be fun, you invite Kirsten.

If you’re having a bad day and you want to laugh, you call Kirsten.

You wanna craft? You call Kirsten.

You wanna watch the Bachelor? Yup…you guessed it.

She is basically the girlfriend you want to have in your posse, because she is just so rad and so real.  She is always up for whatever, and just down to hang.

Oh and you know the Flash tattoos that were ALL OVER ACL?

Yes, those, and the ones that Beyonce sports too?

Yeah, Kirsten is the PR manager for Flash tattoos!  And they are blowin’ up!!!

She also pens a super cool blog that I’ve been a long time reader of… and you should too.


And lastly, she’s so beautiful that she also MODELS!



As seen from the recent Purse and Clutch lookbook.


She does it all. Without further ado….


Pretty in Pink-Triple Maxtons

Isn’t she just the best?  I wish she would do a house tour… (hint hint), she has awesome style.  The vintage Eames lounger is amazing, but so is that balloon.  Hilarious.

Thanks so much Kir for spending time with us.




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