One Room Challenge Week 2- Progress? [crickets]

Hello, and welcome back to the One Room Challenge, in which you make over a room in 6 weeks. Umm… I think I must have signed up for the 5 week challenge since I didn’t do jack crap this past week, and will have to accomplish all my progress in said 5 weeks.

Well, not all was lost this past week.

My neighbors and I threw a kickass party.

I hosted a lovely dessert course under the tree in my backyard and it was quite lovely.

dessert table

More on that later…

Naturally, I drank too much champagne and put myself in the corner. But that’s okay when that corner has Schumacher wallpaper.


The morning after was rough, and then I had to do the dishes.  Ugh



We partied hard, even Archie.  At 2pm, he was still passed out in bed, in his football referee jersey. (Yes, I have problems.)



Oh wait, enough about me…back to the One Room Challenge.

This past week, I focused my efforts on reconnaissance, (because that entails no actual labor).

I needed more structure to my plan.. and I actually consulted my husband. [audible gasp]

He told me that we need a space we can actually use, and not just something that “looks pretty”. Huh?

His Desired elements:
1. Sun protection as he is delightfully pale. He refers to himself as a Scandinavian all-star.

2. Mosquito protection as we are in Texas where the Asian Tiger mosquitos have been running rampant.

That’s it?

Where’s the bar cart?


So, we briefly discussed something that involves mosquito netting. This can be ugly.
ugly netting


But it can also be pretty. Like so:
outdoor canopy

I will come up with something that marries the two.

All this mumbo jumbo is a big smoke screen to again admit to the fact that I really did NOTHING all week, but I have big plans to make up for it this weekend.

I plan to:

1. Strip the rust from all the Acapulco chairs and paint them.

2. Start framing out an outdoor sectional.

3. Track the movement of the sun over the decks and plan the best positioning for shade. (nerd alert)

4.  Figure out self-watering planting system.

Seems easy right?


BTW, if you have suggestions for any of these things, like a step by step tutorial, or you tube vid, that would be very appreciated.  Thanks in advance! Ha!

If you come build it, I will make you cocktails ad nauseam.

Now go check out these ladies, and the linking participants…much eye candy to be had….




53 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 2- Progress? [crickets]

  1. Ha ha! I can so relate. Well, I used to relate – now my kitchen is covered with baby bottles and one single wine glass that gets used again and again and again. That corner though that’s what dreams are made of.

  2. So excited for your space! You’ve got some fun challenges and I can’t wait to see how you rock it! Give that sweet little pup a squeeze for me!

  3. Who needs to make progress when there is a great party & a doggy referee jersey happening? Love the idea of a section being mosquito free! I’ll be hanging out there.

  4. omg, check out those outfits on those ladies in that net/tent thing. Mom jeans, a vest and a scrunchie! You’ll get it done, I have no doubt. I covet your outdoor area, btw. Totally lovely.

  5. You might not have accomplished everything you wanted to in the past 7 days but at least you hosted a great party that included a wonderful table setting! Can’t wait to hear more about the mosquito net, mosquitos are killer here in Georgia.

  6. I don’t blame you one bit…party or work on a remodel…party wins every time in my book too! Can’t wait to see what you come up with to keep the mosquitoes away. Good luck this next week 🙂

  7. Yeah, I didn’t get much done this week either. I tried, but kept running into problems and decided to just give up for the week. I was kind of hoping everything would magically fix itself, but that hasn’t happened yet.

  8. At least it looks like you had fun! The room will all come together soon enough.

  9. I would have been very happy in that corner too! That is one of my favorite wallpapers. I think you can def. make mosquito netting look very glamorous. Our mosquitoes in Dallas are terrible too. And with the West Nile running wild you can never be too careful. I know about tracking sun and shade….for my daughter’s summer birthday parties I do this too, to know where to put the table so it is in the shade at a certain time. This will be a busy week.

  10. Sounds like the party was all worth it – you will catch up next week. I think there is less than four weeks until reveal day – yikes! And love that wallpaper too. Good luck!

  11. Too funny – it looks like you had a great party! I have no doubt that you will nail this space!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands

  12. Your roof deck looks so pretty already with the twinkle lights! Good luck with your task list for this week. I have no suggestions but I know that it will rock.

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