One Room Challenge: Week 1- aquahaus gets a Rooftop Lounge!

Hi again long lost bloggie friends. I am so sorry for my lack of posts. Life happens I suppose.

Well, I am super excited to break my blog hiatus with resumption of the One Room Challenge. If you don’t know about this, this awesome blogfest consists of 20 design bloggers that make over a space in 6 weeks. It is even harder than it sounds, and yes, that already sounds hard.

I am linking in on Thursdays and it is great fun.

For those of you new to my blog, I live in the great state of Texas, in the even better city of Austin. Austin is truly my utopia. My husband and I moved here from Portland, OR 2.5 years ago because I wanted to come back to my home state. I’m an oncologist and treat breast cancer. (Shout out for breast cancer awareness! It’s October after all. Wear pink!) When I’m not doing that, I buy vintage furniture and perpetually re-decorate my house.

Last go round, I made over my pool house.


It served us well over the summer.


But as the temps cool (it was in the low 90’s today), and we move into fall (It is October!), we need another outdoor space to hang out in.

Ha, yes. I’m an abomination to this challenge, as I will be doing yet ANOTHER outdoor space. It’s not that the indoor of aquahaus is done, but really, this space needs to be tackled.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the space- our roof deck. Our house has a rooftop deck. Yes, very cool.

When I think of rooftop decks, I think of cool hip hotel roof lounges.



Mine is anything but.


I mean, it’s not horrible. There are some good bones to work with, but it’s not lounge-worthy.

Check those sad Christmas lights, the dead lemon tree, the backwards flag…

It truly is so backwards.

Looking closer, the Acapulco style chairs are rusted.


I don’t want to have to get an early Tetanus shot.

To rectify the situation, I do have somewhat of a plan… but not a fancy schmancy mood board to show you. (I don’t have those types of skills)

Here are some of the elements I plan to incorporate:

– Fix chairs (duh)

-Add plants in planter boxes.

kronos planter


-Use this pattern somewhere.


-Provide shade with a sun sail.

sun sail

-Incorporate some kind of lighting.

-Add bar cart (duh).

Sounds easy enough, right?




Because much like The Shining….


There are 2 evil twins.

Welcome to Roof Deck B. #firstworldproblems


It’s a wasteland of accumulated leaves and rust.


But the architecture up here is nice, so I need to make something of it. aquahaus-roof-1

Those who know me, know that I am a big fan of cocktails, with a botanical slant.

What better to do with this space but grow an urban rooftop garden? I need to grow my own herbs- mint, basil, sage, rosemary.

And maybe some veggies too.

Some inspiration:



I can only hope it will have some semblance of this awesomeness.

Well, wish me luck.

Too many aspirations, too little time.

Please check back here to view all of the other linking participants projects. (Do this only if you are willing to fall into a rabbit hole of awesomeness).



45 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Week 1- aquahaus gets a Rooftop Lounge!

  1. I’m so sorry, but you lost me after the chairs. those. are. amazing!!! love your plan. sidenote: i won an award in 8th grade for a drawing of that shining pic. not creepy at all, right?

  2. love it! what a great space for a rooftop lounge and bar, how very cool and hip. love your evil twins reference and the need a bar cart duh verbiage! following along with the fun, dana

  3. Holy balls…that space is soooooo fabulous. Adored what you did last time so very excited to see this all happen.

  4. Now I’m even more jealous – you have 2 rooftop decks! How absolutely magical that must be to sit out there at night. I’m sure they will look fab judging by the final reveal of your last challenge. (PS brains, beauty and sense of humour – total package!)

  5. I’m new to the link up so thanks for stopping by and commenting. Your house is gorgeous! I love your pool house update. You’ve got some great bones to work with. I’m looking forward to watching it coming together. It will be fabulous. Love that black and white tile pattern too

  6. ok first of all, your writing style is one of my favorites….I literally smile and sometimes laugh out loud reading your posts. I LOVE your rooftop space and am a little jealous to be honest. Can not wait to follow this and see what you make of all of that awesome space! xoxo.

  7. What a lovely rooftop space this is going to be. I cannot wait to see your progress and how it all unfolds.

    I too am participating in the One Room Challenge. My challenges? I just moved to a completely new state (Texas) last week and therefore have no idea where to source things other than Wal Mart and Home Depot. πŸ™‚ I am currently battling strep throat and just want to lay around and eat soup as opposed to painting a 30 year old polyurethaned oak coffered ceiling that has never before seen paint. The accompanying powder room rivals the worst gas station stall ever. But a bonus is that the previous owners installed a wine glass and bottle holder on the ceiling of the bathroom. I kid you not. Come take a peek.

  8. So excited you’re back in the game my friend! First off, your super talented and turn any space into a masterpiece! I can’t believe you have a pool area and a roof top?! Love the inspiration and where you are going! Always have to have a little humor right?!

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