Week 4 of the One Room Challenge- I did nothing but shop and drink, and not in that order

First of all, I want to say thank you to all of you readers, and an even bigger thank you to all those who left some sweet and encouraging comments.  This has been the most fun thing I’ve done in the blogosphere, and I am so happy to discovered so many cool and talented people. Thank you Linda of Calling It Home for hosting the most fun eParty!

Second of all, I want to apologize for the craptastic-ness of the forthcoming post.  

Maybe it was all of the drinking…




or the fact that it was Easter, and I actually went to church!  (I was raised Catholic, but have been pretty bad about this.  I’m a Chreaster- only go to mass on Christmas and Easter.  Yikes!)

Or that I was busy running around picking up furniture off Craiglisters for other parts of my house, not the ORC, as if I have time to spare…


(Let’s ignore the fact that there is already a perfectly good sofa in this area, and that there are now 2 sofas there back to back.  I’m out of control, I know!  But the daybed is just so much sleeker and sexier.)

What I’m saying is that I did very little in terms of measurable progress. So what did I accomplish this week?   Basically whatever I could do with the click of a button.

I bought these super cute salt and pepper shakers for the pool house.  Thought they’d make a fun addition to a poolside barbeque. 


By some miracle, I did manage some minimal manual labor.  I spent my lunch hour yesterday framing art.

(Please don’t miss the eggs at the top of the photo. They are farm fresh, given to me by my patient.)

And last night, I relocated this awesome Flamingo I got at a city-wide garage sale last year from my roof deck to the pool deck.  Poor thing, he was up there gathering rust and leaves, and faded from the sun. 



A brief coat of hot pink spray paint later, and here he is- ready to either hold a potted plant or an ice bucket of bubbles poolside.  I prefer the latter. What about you?


Hoping I get my S*%t together this upcoming week!

Things to do:
1. Essentially set up the entire poolhouse
2. Do something to beautify the exterior of said poolhouse
3. Hopefully rig up some kind of bar/ beverage station
4. Get ready for Cinco de Derby (combo Cinco de Mayo/ Kentucky Derby Party)

#4 is my personal fave.


48 thoughts on “Week 4 of the One Room Challenge- I did nothing but shop and drink, and not in that order

  1. Your flamingo is sweet!!! Love him πŸ™‚ I love your things to do list πŸ™‚ I am feeling way behind but having a party at the end of this is getting me through πŸ™‚

  2. What time should I be there for the Cinco de Derby party? Love your bold pink flamingo and thinking that progress is all relative, things got done right? And I thought my BIL was the only one who used the term “Chreaster,” reading that while drinking my coffee made my morning!

  3. Hey, hey Mr. Flamingo! That’s quite a snazzy paint job you have now! I like that you are keeping this challenge light and fun- perfect attitude to have going into the final weeks (and for creating the perfect poolside party pad). You’ve been gathering all the pieces to the puzzle and something tells me they will all fall perfectly into place before Cinco de Derby (PS- I’m pretty sure we’re hosting as well- we’ll have virtual cocktails together!)

  4. Love the two sofas picture. It makes me laugh and was much needed before diving into my full afternoon telepsych schedule. Blah. I wish we could come to your cinco de derby party! Miss you!

      1. I would, but I have a baby shower I’m throwing that weekend. (Will probably not have as much fun there)…
        I must get my ass down/up/over? there soon though to visit!

  5. The pink flamingo, Celine! I LOVE it especially as an ice bucket – I need that. I think we are all on the same page.. it’s about that time in the ORC when a drink is definitely needed. Can’t wait to see the flamingo all set up!

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