Presto chango

I bought this sofa at Round Top in Oct.



Good bones. Good lines. Nice wood and brass.

I flirted with lots of fabrics.



But I have always loved blue sofas. Navy blue is a neutral in my book.

So I set off looking for fabric.


Trial run was nice color, wrong texture.

But I found the right one.

And here she is now.

(Sorry, no sunlight in Austin now for good photos)



Yay!! I would like to thank my husband for being so gracious and cool about my impulse purchase.

one last before/ after.


Go forth and conquer! And stay warm Texans.

6 thoughts on “Presto chango

  1. Anyway of letting me know what the fabric is on your sofa. I have a sofa I’m debating reupholstering either in navy velvet or another navy fabric, and yours seems so pretty. Thanks!

    • Hi Jenny! It’s Covington Ibiza fabric in Deep Sea. I highly recommend! The blue and black threads provide great depth. the fabric has a great feel. Best of all, it’s half off right now at JoAnn’s! Good luck!

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