Chugging along


Does anyone read anymore? I don’t blame you, I’m so inconsistent.

How was your weekend?

Ours was good. Again, we made progress.

The living room is looking more habitable. I love the Round Top sofa, but I will love it more when it gets reupholstered next week.


I also got a new fiddle leaf which I’m sure I’ll kill soon enough, but I’m really going to try not to.

The mid century chairs I got on Craigslist made their triumphant return into the house in the new competition room.


2 steps forward, 1 step back.

I couldn’t leave well enough alone, so in this space in our kitchen, we needed to add some cabinetry.


Custom cabs are $$$. So I got inspired by online tutorials of making ikea cabs look built in.

So we bought tons of cabinets.


We had a very useful furry helper.



We will see how it all turns out.

Lastly, aquahaus is gonna soon be a little less aqua.

Those there are paint swatches.


Don’t worry, there will still be plenty o aqua….


4 thoughts on “Chugging along

  1. Everything is shaping up so well! The pool deck, the paint, the cool finds from Round Top. Been loving all the shopping trips and sneak peeks in your Insta- feed as well… It’s so satisfying when you see if all finally start to come together right?! Might feel like lots of work right now, but keep your eye on the ball— you’ll be floating in that pool all Summer long.

    1. You are so sweet! Yes, it is getting tiring to keep on top of so many projects, but I’m just waiting until summer!! Me, pool, flotation device. yay!

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