My master bath looks like hell.

Here is the before. master1

Sad that this is the before.

Here is the “after”. Let’s hope this “after” is short- lived.


Here is the floorplan.

I have big plans. We are moving plumbing lines. We are taking out the tub. Don’t hate me, but I just don’t take baths.

Here is the plan:

We will use subway tiles on the walls.

2 Kohler rainheads.


and some other delightful stuff.

I ordered the carrara circle mosaic last night.

We’re doing standing glass panels on each rainhead side.

So excited!

Hiccup is we need a new light fixture. A single light bulb sticking out of the wall is maybe too industrial.
light fixture

I need your help interweb lovers!



4 thoughts on “Master Bath”

  1. Just a thought since your tucking the toilet in the back maybe enclose it for cave-like privacy… Congratulations on passing your Boards!!! Love your posts

    1. Great thought but there is actually not enough depth to do so. (Sigh) it’s a wee bath! πŸ˜‰

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