A Rite of Passage

Oral boards. To most, this conjures up images from Grey’s Anatomy.




There is a grain of truth. The process sucks. You wear suits. But there are no chairs in the hallway. And you don’t sound nearly that intelligent. Really, you’re trembling like a moron and bumbling like an idiot.

I took my oral boards yesterday and today feel completely exhausted, like I ran a marathon. Though those that know me know that I would never actually run even a mile.

In the months preceding, most of my free time was spent studying.

The few days before, I flew into glorious louisville Kentucky.

This is my story.

I write it not really for me, but my lovely co-residents still in training. This is what you have to look forward to.

Full disclaimer: I do not know if I’ve passed yet.



Sitting at the gate, flying to Louisville, I was thinking “WTF. Can’t believe I’m doing this. ”

I had this look on my face most of the time.

Caution: the following image is not intended for all age groups and persons.


Feeling like crap, I decided to have a drink while on my layover. I chugged a glass of red wine.


I barely made my flight, landed in KY, and made my way to my home for the next few days.

I woke up the next morning and started studying in my special study corner. So pathetic.


That night, I walked to the only nearby food source for a spectacularly shitty dinner.


I woke up the next morning and started studying again.



No pride in personal appearance remained.


In the late afternoon, I stopped studying and decided to treat myself to a fancy dinner. My extended stay shuttle took me to and fro.


I chilled out watching my fave- The Bachelorette.



I slept about 5 hours which is actually amazing. A lot of my friends slept not a wink. I did wake up with a nightmare, but it did not involve a bone marrow ordering cat.

I woke up at 545 and put my happy face on.


And got ready to face


Come back tomorrow to see how this shit show ends.

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