Feline nightmares

I think the stress of my upcoming exam is getting to me.

A few nights ago, I had a dream that I was watching a cat for a friend.  I was kind enough to let it sleep with me in the bed.  But it kept on trying to bite me!!

So I threw him in the closet and locked him in there so I could sleep. 

But this was no ordinary cat.  it was like the smart dog on Family Guy.  very human and smart, and he could talk.
He actually called and ordered a bone marrow biopsy on himself.  
So a lady came over and unlocked the closet and took him out.
We locked eyes, and he rans toward me, with the intent of biting me on the neck!
I woke up  with my right shoulder shrugged towards my neck trying to protect myself from the bite of this cat.
Holy shit! These are the kinds of nightmares I’m having now.  
When I told J, he kept on saying, “Hello, I’m a little kitty and would like to order a bone marrow biopsy”, in a cat voice.

3 thoughts on “Feline nightmares

  1. That is AMAZING!!! Good luck on your boards, I’m sure you will crush it! Miss you.

  2. Love it. I was having similar crazy dreams before my boards. All gone now and the relief is almost worth the stress (or it will be if I find out I passed — until then it’s ignorant bliss all the way). Good luck! It will all be over soon!

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