SXSW is insane and took over Austin the last 2 weeks.

J and I had to partake and the weather was glorious.

I seriously hadn’t felt this happy since our wedding.


How cool and boho are we?



We caught a great show at SXSJ at the Hotel San Jose.


And then a hip hop showcase.


This pic says Austin to me


Hope you had a great week. I get to go to Chicago thurs where it is snowing. WTF.

2 thoughts on “SXSW

  1. Always wanted to attend (and see Austin for that matter). Maybe next year…
    BTW, I love that you said you hadn’t felt that happy since your wedding… times like that really are a gift. Once in a while, I’ll be somewhere and find myself in the moment with my man on a clear blue sky day and feel the same. It’s good to recognize that feeling when it happens.

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