Machu Picchu- Take 2

The day started really well.  We pigged out at the buffet.

Another perk of the hotel that is INVALUABLE- you tell them what time you want to be picked up, and someone from the hotel goes and gets in the bus line for you, and then you step outside of the hotel, and voila- the bus stops and picks you up.  Just like that. It’s magic.  I won’t tell you the dirty looks we got.  and wow- is that how the other half lives? If so- AWESOME!  I’m jealous.


Anyways, Day 2 was infinitely better.  The sky was clear, and in the afternoon- we had AMAZING, sunny weather.

Machu Picchu is one of those places that you could take a million pics of, and it’s still not enough.  It is truly so remarkable, and so beautiful.  And so advanced.  How did they build all of that so many years ago?

Here are just a few of the millions of pics we took.







Happy Friday!!

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