By the time you read this…

I will have already started my first day of work.

Real work.

Sure, I’ve had other first days before, but this day comes 13 years after finishing high school.

More than a decade.

And today, finally- I am my own boss.  I make the decisions.  I take the responsibility.  I get the glory.  I get the shit.

It is bittersweet.  I’m so excited, but of course- I’m scared.  Do I know what I’m doing? Will I do a good job? Maybe I’m not ready.


But I think I am…






5 thoughts on “By the time you read this…

  1. I would wish you luck, but I’m quite sure you won’t need it. You’re awesome and will do AMAZING! Will you post your “first day of work outfit”?

  2. The responsibility part is pretty intense at first, but it’s so much better than residency in so many ways! Good luck. I’m sure you don’t need it!

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