The abyss above

My friend Kirsten did this awesome post on painted ceilings. So true, the ceilings are often overlooked.

But I’m a chicken at times. Colored ceilings are scary? I tend to neutrals: black and white.

Then I saw this picture from Lizette Marie Interior Designs, and yes…

I think the key is to have abundant natural light and high ceilings to avoid a closed- in feeling. Thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “The abyss above

  1. Definately paint your ceilings. We painted the kitchen ceiling Copper Penny and it looks great! A less expensive alternative to a real copper ceiling.

  2. Go with the same color as your walls but a few shades lighter. My sister-in-law (degree in design) recommends this and her house looks amazing. I tried it at my apartment in Chicago and was very happy with it. I think the black looks great with the white walls in the pictures.

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