Food review- Contigo Austin

A couple weekends ago, we ventured out to Contigo.


Beautiful space!

We had to wait for a table, but had some lovely drinks meanwhile.

The famed shisito peppers.


Very good. The pate was delish. Okra was so so.

Maybe I was distracted. I had to see this all dinner long.


Dude, crack kills.

And then, my eyes were saved by the sight of this adorable tiny old woman.


See how stealthily I took a pic of her?

All in all, I give an A-

Fun place for sure.


One thought on “Food review- Contigo Austin

  1. Ugh. Crack is a major peeve… they are everywhere I’m afraid! I get it. We all have them. But if I am kind enough to put mine away, I expect you to do the same.

    The new layout is funky fresh by the way. Love it.

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