Beni Nice to Meet You!!

Have you heard of Beni Ourain rugs? They are the latest interior design fad. You know why? Because they’re beautiful.

But $$$.

From Honestly WTF
From Nate Berkus

Both West Elm and Anthro make their own versions.

Still pretty $$$.

Rugs USA recently came out with their own version. Around July 4th (God bless America), they had a 75% off sale. I thought it was a typo, but the applied coupon code worked! A 5 x 7 rug for $175 with free shipping. Umm…yes.

I bought 2.

He he.

I have finally had a chance to install it in the living room.

I really like it. Amazingly awesome buy. Super soft on the feet and I think it looks great. Make sure to vacuum it initially to fluff it up.

Yes, I know you are staring at that new awesome chair. I got it from the amazing Garza Design Build in Marfa, as my graduation gift. We are going to discuss this additionally tomorrow.

And yes, I have a super cool new cactus friend, in addition to my terrarium.

Remember my inspiration living room?

From Pinterest

Now lookie again at my room.

Far from finished, but getting closer!!!


7 thoughts on “Beni Nice to Meet You!!

  1. Thank you so much for commenting! I’ve been looking for someone…anyone who had purchased this rug as it’s now back in stock in the 8×10 size that I want. Tell me everything! Does it shed? Does it lie flat? Is it soft or itchy? Do you think it would work in a nursery? Sorry to bombard you but I really want it…I just don’t want to deal with return shipping :-/

    1. Hi Dina! I just put it down yesterday, but it definitely lays flat, and hasn’t shed yet. I vacuumed it first to fluff it up. It’s funny, it doesn’t feel that soft to the hands at first, but it definitely feels great on the feet, and then I think the rug softens. I do think it would work in a nursery..just know that it won’t be super super soft like a flokati, but definitely a great rug. Good luck! Love your blog!

      1. Thank you for responding! Would you say it’s itchy? Sorry to be so annoyingly specific with these questions. Babies spend a lot of time on the floor playing and rolling around so I’m just trying to figure out if it’s ok for that.

      2. Hmmmm. I wouldnt say itchy, but it’s not cuddly. Babies have sensitive skin. Pottery barn just released a really good looking version too, and you can order a swatch for $25. May be a good investment for you (time and $$). Let me know if you end up with that one.

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