I too can be a landscaper….maybe?

Since learning that landscaping in Austin costs the same as a kidney transplant (maybe??), I have put forth my own attempt at landscape design.

This includes a stock tank pool.

Otherwise we would die this summer.

Here is my plan. I did it in powerpoint. I cannot master all the other crazy programs. Sketch up? Seriously???

Does it make sense to you?

Who wants to help? Bring your shovel. I’ll have the beer.

All images from Pinterest and The Brick House.


6 thoughts on “I too can be a landscaper….maybe?

  1. I have some paver experience and am building both pergola and deck this weekend. I’d be happy to help remotely!

  2. Looks lovely ! Most important is that you love it, you have to enjoy your garden and no one else. Have fun ! Sorry can’t help, you live too far away (Belgium).

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