Sherwin Williams, you are a genius.

Have you heard of the Sherwin Williams Paint Visualizer?


You are missing out.

This way, you don’t have to mess with a billion crazy color sample jars.

At the Aquahaus, we have a great kitchen.

Most people would leave well enough alone.

Not me!!


I want to paint those wood cabinets. Something moody and dramatic.

Like a blue.

Like some of these:

1. Naval

2. Raisin

3. Dark Night

4. Bohemian Black

Do you have a fave? I am kinda leaning towards the naval.

Add some Hicks pendants, brass hardware, and that would be dreamy!!

And would probably maybe induce me to cook!!

(Enticing enough J??)


4 thoughts on “Sherwin Williams, you are a genius.

  1. What color is the wood on your island? I like the naval and the raisin best, but it depends on the shade of the wood. Are you going to paint yourself?

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