Wallpaper: #1 or #2

Have you ever been to the optometrist?

“Which is better? #1 or #2”


“Okay, now #3 or #4?”


Thanks so much for your help yesterday!! Apparently chastising people does work. You people have great taste. And expensive taste. But let’s not stop the fun. I have more choices for you today.

Should I be bold or a neutral nelly?


Again, please help! Loving the suggestions.

Also, if you know someone that can hang wallpaper in Austin, please let me know!!



6 thoughts on “Wallpaper: #1 or #2

  1. 3 is still my favorite. But I’m liking 4, now, too. I think wallpaper is meant to be bold!

  2. Okay, if you’re going to be bold (and I totally think you should) I vote #4! If you’re going to be a neutral nelly then I think I can get behind #5 if any of the greens in it match any green tones in the cactus paper. There ya have it … Boom!

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