Wallpaper Dilemmas for Aquahaus

Hello lovely people.

Have you ever heard of Makelike cactus wallpaper? It’s my fave. It reads so boho chic, earthy, Texas to me.

I bought many rolls of it many months ago when it was on sale, not knowing where I’d ever use it. Such is my personality.

But now, I have Aquahaus, and I’m determined to put that baby up on the walls.

The adjacent future game room/ study will also get the wallpaper treatment. (Didn’t you hear wallpaper made a comeback?, just like Dallas!! the best show ever!!!)

Please help me choose what wallpaper would behave nicely with the cactus wallpaper. I have a fave.

1. Osborne and Little Tridid
2. Hicks Hexagon
3. Cole and Son Honeycomb
4. Sanderson Zigzag
5. Marimekko
6. John Lewis Pala

Stop being blog lurkers and comment!! I need your help!!


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