I love you Palm Springs

Left on a jet plane and landed in sunny Palm Springs.

Checked into the Ace Hotel, a boho paradise. This weekend, it was a hipster magnet. I seriously felt like an old lady.

It was beautiful, a serious source of inspiration for me and Aquahaus.

They even had rad scooters outside.

We then went downtown for dinner, first paying homage to the Marilyn statue.

After dinner, KARAOKE!!!

Then drinks by the pool.

The next day, we headed to the Parker Palm Springs for brunch.

This was the most delicious waffle I’ve ever had, ever. You MUST get this.

And the grounds were beautiful too.

I loved the interior too.

We also took the Palm Springs Aerial Tram and did some hiking.

Ending on a high note, we had more drinkies!

Can’t wait to get back!!


2 thoughts on “I love you Palm Springs

  1. Celine! I am so mad at my gmail! Apparently it thinks your emailed blog updates were spam, so I haven’t been getting any. Boo, gmail. So, I just spent an hour catching up on old posts entries (way more important than getting my clinic notes done, right?). I’m so excited you’re going to be (or are already?) back in TX. We need to bring our little man to Austin sometime for a visit.

    Love your new house, and love the blog! Miss you!

    1. Umm… of course my blog is more important than clinic notes!! 🙂 Would LOVE for you guys to come up to ATX. It’s been way too long and I wanna meet Mason!! Miss you! xoxo

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