Light me up Scotty!

You know what makes a really cool room? Lighting!

Now that I have a super cool dining table in Aquahaus, I need a statement chandelier above it.

I’m thinking something kinda kitschy or industrial cool.

I have always loved the look of antler chandeliers.

From pinterest

From momtastic

How beautiful is this chandelier from Roll Hill?

A modern take on the antler chandelier. Too bad it costs more than 2 months mortgage.

I also love this super awesome chandelier from Roll Hill. So much that I made a fun mock up over the table.

Yes, so cool, but so $$$$.

Apparatus Studio also has great lighting fixtures that are only the cost of 1 month’s mortgage. So if we got this one, we’d actually be saving money. That is female reasoning.

Mock up:

So rad!! Do you like?? Which one??


Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Rock on!

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